Goldfield Ghost Town

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Wherever we go our first few days generally look like this. We figure we are a real blessing to the drought stricken lands of these Untied States of America. In fact we are such a blessing, that we ought to be paid for coming, rather than dismissed as “Bloody Tourist”. Sadly for those who need the water, we only generate a mild flood or two. Happily for us the sun again graces our presence and we can again live up to our reputation as tourist.obligatoryrain

Unfortunately my wife has become a working woman again. This time her commute is strangely short.workingwoman

Goldfield ghost town

The number one spoiler, there are no ghosts in this mining town! We did however note a number of people with a seriously outdated fashion sense; which in my school days would have been referred to as nerds. Today, they use a more derogatory term for them and call them thespians, which puts the “T” in LGBT. So hard to keep up with the school yard bantering these days.

This church, is a real working church with service every Sunday morning. Even sports a nursery for those who are too old, or too young to know where they are. It was determined, that I myself am nursery material. churchataslowerpace


If you find church a bit difficult, and some them passages just not suitable to your liking, and your spouse ’bout to drive you drinking  Gold Field has you covered. There is a nifty Saloon large enough to handle several congregations, enough medicine to sing praises to, but be careful to hold it well enough to remember to politely say amen.saloonRemember, wine is a mocker in that it can really screw up your version of reality. With wine, things are not always what they seem to be. Without wine things are not always what appear to be. So it seems reality is relative to how much wine you ingest. The Saloon is huge compared to the church. The road to the Saloon is wide but the road to the church is narrow, which must be the reason for the size difference.

The thespians we were talking about earlier, well, they should not allowed in the Saloon. Discrimination or not, I don’t care! Thespians just can’t hold their liquor, the primary reason the left is calling for gun control!. Every couple hours during the day they come out to the street and blow the snot out of each other. If you go to Gold Field get a fix on the clock, cause their gonna come out shooting and you don’t want to be out in the street when they do!

surleybunchWell, Gold Field  is out on Arizona HWY 88  was just a bit out of Apache Junction, been there since 1883, even has a train to ride. Things noisy as heck, so if you want to see it, it should not be hard to find.

HollyVisitsJohn had to visit his grandma and family for Thanksgiving, but thought things would be more peaceful if Holly and the rest of us did our own thing. So Holly came over here. She seemed to be in good health and in good cheer, Sarah and Holly were kids again, playing the PC game SIMS. I overcooked a nice sized turkey in the convection oven, we all ate it thankfully.

Later in the evening we hung with Steve and Mendie at Jan and Marc’s house in Gilbert. We can’t thank them enough for having us over. Sunday, Steve and family came here took us to dinner at the burrito restaurant up the street, then we hung at the pool for a while. We had a nice time and were honored by their visit.

ArizonaSunsetSadly the day came to end, Steve and Holly went home, and Athena is back to work.John said everything was great at his house, did not know that was from us not being there, or if it was the liquor that improved things.

Why do such nice times yield such dark feeling of loss. I guess this might a be figment of postpartum depression when the fun activity becomes the usual again.


Good Evening and Goodnight

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