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December 17, 2015

dreamy Draw

Athena has started working her latest assignment, she is finding it stressful, and I have been relegated to the job description of super mom. I have to drive the UPS mans route, but with the performance standards of an indy car driver, and all I get is a little car that is trying to be a SUV, and has the pep of a diesel Chevette. With that backdrop Sarah and  I go to Phoenix to visit the kids, Holly and John. I am not sure why we are supposed to be going there, but we take them places and buy them groceries while avoiding left turns at all costs. The turn arrows at the lights are random, you might get one, you might just get a green light, the natives do not appear to be bothered by this, for me it is just plain incompetent on the part of the highway department to be that sadistic!

We made a new discovery today, while out dodging cars. This place is just my speed, with top posted speed of 10 mph, this speed is safer than an Amish horse and cart. Dreamy Draw Regional park on the Eastern most end of Northern Avenue just off Highway 51. The first thing we noticed was an earthen dam named “Dreamy Dam” We went over the dam and looked back behind it, and discovered how it got its name. There was no water behind it, nothing, just gravel, dirt and bushes, just like we found on the low side. Poor thing only dreams of the day it will become a real dam.

Rugged Terraine The territory here is rugged, and populated primarily with rocks. There are unsavory characters out there I am sure, but we will not be competing with them for real estate on this outing.  John and I would not farewell cross country anyway.
The Long WalkAfter all, some well endowed entity laid out a side walk good six feet wide and the length outstretched our vision. We walked on it for a few feet, and still it appeared to never end. Maybe next time we go to town, I’ll drive the car in it. Maybe it is a more peaceful road back to Mesa.

reflections of a sunsetCrazy thing, it rained again, only this time for days. On the tail end of the day, and the tail end of the rain, our car showed us a beautiful sunset that could not have graced our presence had there been no moisture in the air. I think the car was missing home. We are not, as there is some concern that God is going to let it rain 40 days and 40 nights in the Northwest, then wait for the sewers to back up. That likely would not be as pretty as the sunset displayed by the car.office chair Athena has been sitting in 10 year old RV furniture while working the last few days, and now her back is killing her, I went out to Staples and bought her a $100 office chair. Sarah is assembling the chair. I am glad I was too cheap to pay them $14 to assemble the chair. Sarah assembled the chair in under five minutes. I think she should stand out side Staples with a sign “I will assemble that chair, only $10”  only regret is Athena’s back still hurts maybe I should have added three hundred dollars to my chair choice. Two DR. visits later, she is told she is old and some disc’s are low on fluid, and her sciatic nerve is pinched, but it should clear it self up in a bit. Our advice here, is take care of your back it can hurt worse than labor if it gets messed up. Unlike labor, back pain is not quite so rewarding. Back pain, and having children are both expensive too, try not to have both.A dead tree in my house

Athena and Sarah noticed Christmas is coming in just a bit so it was time to find a dead tree somewhere and drag it home. Truly you do want a dead one, it is illegal to kill them yourself. They scored at “The Home Depot” They got a little noble fir for $25 plus three more in taxes. They love taxes here, and they love their fees even more. The state loves the Christmas Shoppers, no one I have spoken to has any idea what they do with all that money they collect. I figure the state can’t possibly use all that money by themselves. They should give it all back to the voters in April just like Oregon does. Everyone could put up a tree in April too…Decorating our TreeSarah and Athena work hard together decorating the little fir tree. The needles are sharp hard and waxy. It might be a hybrid artificial tree. I sure hope it burns nicely!Glendale Arizona Decorates For Christmas John took us to see his Christmas lights. I think they are called “Glendale Twinkles” on the corner of 59th and Glendale. John was disappointed that there were no vendors or crowds. Sarah and I loved it for the same reason. Lots of lights to see, paramedics close by in case one of the three of us needs a little care. That is a “Holly Jolly Christmas” in the square.Glendales Snow TreeHopefully this is the closest we get to a snow flake this Christmas, it might be freezing in the night, but the days have been sunny and 60 plus, except when it is raining of course!

Have a good evening and a good night……

Remember to pray for those in need this Holiday. Say a special prayer for Katrina’s family as they deal with loss in her extended family

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