Happy New Year??? At least that’s what they tell us to say

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1Another year has passed us by. Athena got a job doing phone support, and has to work all her hours. Once training passed by, she is even thinking it fun to help people with their internet junk. Unfortunately Sarah and I are on our own with our computers, and the rest of the household chores. That being said, I was in charge of Christmas this year so don’t blame Athena for what I bought.


Athena got the strangest gift of the litter, it arrived late! Amazon mailed it a day late and it arrived a day late. It came to the door just before the tree unwrapping ceremony began. Strangely, the gift wrap service used a felt bag to wrap it in. Everything is fittingly strange.

4After unboxing several boxes she finds the package containing an “Instant Pot” I do no not know what it is, but all the ladies in the who’s who of women have one of these, and no wife of mine would be the exception. I tested it out on a 3 pound roast, it cooked the thing along with a pound of potatoes in 60 minutes, and the roast was frozen when I put it in. Crockpot takes 5 hours, and the oven about 2.5, but the oven still makes the best looking and tasting roast. I just have not figured out how she will turn a profit with this gadget.

5Christmas at our house was exhausted and I had to take the kids home.

6Well, we got the kids home, they live in the remains of Lucille Ball’s “Long Long Trailer” only is painted grey and relegated to a zombie trailer park. (Where all lucky trailers go when they can not live up to the 10 year rule found in many parks. Strangely only non caucasians live here. Guess caucasians don’t know value when they see it. The key here is be happy because you’re well armed.


Well we have to roll on to a new park, the snow birds need our space in Mesa. We are now entering the Oasis RV park on the Colorado river in Ehrenberg Arizona a quick swim from Blythe California.

9This was the last time Athena could stand and walk to the river. Her back pain has reached new areas. We have been taking her to DR.’s, 4 to be exact, none know a thing about backs! How hard can it be? 8 billion of us and the DR.’s have not mastered the human back. I don’t think we get much for our medical dollars. The hospital’s lab turned us away because she does not have Medicare or Medicaid. Our private health insurance was not acceptable. Maybe she should get disability so someone will care about her condition! Not really, just about beats being on the dole. We have found another big shot Dr. in Phoenix to see on tuesday. In the end, Athena may have figured out what this is using “Google”. She is now giving herself intense physical therapy, which can’t be any worse than what the medical profession is willing to do.


Our home in the sand. Athena works in the back office. Sarah and I are the housekeepers still. It looks like a bachelor pad now.

DowntownBlytheWe drove to Blythe to a DR. (Never seen a DR. so uninterested in helping) We will use big city medical help in the future, if we bother with DR.’s again. Wonder if alternative medicine has any value?

ColoradoRiverSunsetWell the ghost trucks come out in force at night, keeping the Ag inspectors busy. The dollar a gallon tax must be what it takes to fund this thing. Lastly Good Luck or bad luck remains to be seen but it does appear American’s are again fully employed. Holly’s store is in chapter 11, and trying to restructure now Holly, John and their roommate have been employed by the store. Hopefully they will love it, and Athena will have time to heal. Last thought, be kind to your back, you don’t have one to lose.


Have a good evening and a good night

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