Quartsite, AZ – 2016 Sportsman and RV Show

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We arrive in our new site in Quartsite Arizona for our second annual “Sportsman and RV Show” under the big tent, and sprawling across the desert floor. We are parking for our 14 day free trial of Scaddac wash just about 5 miles east of the main event. This wash is limited, there in no power pedestals, no water, no place to dump your tanks, and no place for trash, and you can only be here for 14 days, then you must move to a non-BLM property or move at least 25 air miles from here. We were thinking, we might want to stay several months, because Athena lost her ability to walk more than a few feet, and she was finding riding difficult and all we wanted was to sit while competent medical help figured out what was wrong with her and perhaps could make the required adjustments. Since her work fired her the sixth time she called in sick we have all the time in the world to find the right medical help. The BLM has an option for us long term desert dwellers. For 170.00 one can stay 7 months on the La Posa wash 2 miles south of the show. There are 4 La Posa entrances, all four have buildings where you can pay your fees. La Posa South however is has a dump station, fresh water, and trash service, and is the only location with all these services. We chose to only stay 14 days, as Athena’s next appointment in Buck Eye Arizona fell through, so that meant a new Dr. and probably a new plan of attack.

Desert Sky at NightFirst sunset of the year from this location, not as striking as many that we have seen, but is really dark here, we are sharing all the nearby land with no one. Sometimes no one’s company is very nice.

QuartsiteDay1 Now this is Boondocking! Athena just keeps getting worse however so we find a DR. Stacy Mclure in Scottsdale, we could not get a back specialist, as they require an MRI before they will see you. Dr. Mcluer is a Knees, Elbow, Shoulders type a guy, but he agreed to see her on an emergency basis. So off to see the DR. By this point were desperate enough to see a veterinarian if they would give us an appointment. As long as the vet only gave her the MRI, we figure we are good, but should they come a diagnosis and typical recommendation that she is put down, it would be time to bail. Which is OK, because all we are looking for is a Dr. to do an MRI. the source is of no consequence.QuartsiteDay2 We saw DR. Mc Clure an he ordered the MRI we have to run down to Phoenix to get it from Simoen Med. (They require the MRI paid in cash up front, guess they do not trust insurance companies. Glad I had $430.00 on me. This was a surprise). In Arizona, insurance companies are no the only companies we have learned to not trust since got here. We learned dr.’s are less trustworthy, and if you want to see one right away, you need to be on a public assisted plan such as medicaid, otherwise you “die waiting” and that is no figure of speech.  Well we’re back at camp for our 2nd sunset, but a bunch of people we do not know are cluttering up our view. There is a whole desert here and the’re parked within a mile. What’s up with that?Downtown Quartsite Quick drive through Quartzsite to see what is here. Chevron, Arco, Luvs truck stop, Burger King, Pilot truck stop, a pizza place (Good Pizza), and two RV solar shops. Too bad I am not flush in cash I would like solar. It’s not cost effective, but mighty handy. Maybe when we get done making the medical professionals wealthy we will get solar.Our Friends Some of our awesome friends showed up. They work for RV armour and doing roofs at the show. That’s hard work, but the RV’s will love them. We got the MRI back, Dr. Mc Clure set her up for six weeks physical therapy in Cottonwood Arizona. Man is that the advantage to living mobile. We can get the next available medical care anywhere where money, or government funded insurance is valued. For us, it is our retirement account.Our Friends Generator 5500 Onan Marquee Gold Goes on Holiday Mike has an Onan Maquise 5500 generator which refuses to wake up from the dead. No one knows when it was last run, as the trailer has only been with Mike a few months. We cleaned the carburator it started sputtering, ran for an hour and made lots of smoke. Finally we gave up and hooked its umbilical cord to our rig. Now our generator is finally earning all that weight we drag around with us.Sequaro I love saguaro cacti, even when they are deformed.QuartsiteDay3Wow, all those RV’s have crept right up to us. In fact, this place has become a sea of rigs. I sure would like a jeep like that white one. I wonder if they are solar powered yet? What I really wonder is how many people will come next year. If they come for friends and bear, I suspect most of them, this is where the party is at! If its for the show, I don’t think many of us would return, “The Tyson Well Sportsman and RV Show” had little to do with sportsman and RV related wares, maybe 1% at best. The show looked like the pavilions at the Oregon state fair, lots of household trinkets. The loud food gadget sellers, kitchen things, electronics, timeshares, tools, and art. A full time RV’er does not need all that extra ballast. There last note of redemption, was there were some fifth wheels and retro travel trailer to be had, but even that was under represented. Unfortunately, Athena saw none of the show, she was in too much pain to even ride my scooter. Sadly my scooter died too, so seeing the show was not easy. If the scooter could have given me just one more day, would have gone to the rock show, very cool, but still just ballast.


Have a good evening and a good night

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