Cottonwood AZ – Six weeks to See if We Can Get Athena Walking Again

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Snow in camp

We arrived to our new spot in “Thousand Trails Verde Valley”,Cottonwood, Arizona. We did not come for the snow, but it seams to have come for us. Though it is a whole lot colder than Quartsite, sometime any change can be nice. So thanks for the cold welcome Cottonwood.

Frosted BrushThe snow was a cold welcome, but it makes for a pretty morning and adds just a bit of hope that spring for Arizona and Athena should be just around the corner. Maybe Athena will be up to see the spring. Pretty much all she sees is the road to DR.’s and the inside of the house.

Athena making callsWe went to physical Therapy today in Cottonwood, the therapist looked at her MRI and said her back can’t be fixed with with Therapy alone, she would need back surgery first. Turns out his l5 disk blew and populated her sciatic nerve with the fragments of wall. (Too bad the DR. in Blythe did not stop to think that maybe her pain was real and make an effort to help her. Would have saved a lot of agony for the entire family.)

Athena being the tough bird that she is goes home, goes to bed, and begins looking for a Dr. that specializes in backs. Now that Dr. Mc lure got her the MRI, she now  has the required ticket to engage a back specialist. She got in to Dr. Steven Williams on Camelback in Phoenix, Arizona just a few days later. Upon arrival, they took some x-rays and looked her MRI and told her the therapist was right on the money, and the surgery needed to be done immediately to prevent further loss of strength and nerve damage. A few days later, Athena was in surgery for Microdiscectomy at Banner Health She Blvd.Everything went well. The Dr. said he got better than the 90% of the shrapnel from her body, and believed the balance was in locations where no damage or pain would be expected.

free homeThousand trails has been busy, we have had to spend time out of the park due to demand. We spend some time in and seven nights out. So we are living with water and sewer that we have on board and whatever electricity we can generate. For the most part this has been going well and the view is nice too. I have been taking  Athena out for walks in the desert and noticing the plants waking up just a little bit each day. We have to keep her moving to prevent her muscles from getting stiff and not healing properly.

Back in the park 50A siteWe are back in the park living in the Lap of luxury with 50A service, water, sewer, and garbage just a bit up the road. Does not get and better than this. Athena is recouping, but can’t do anything. Mike Holford dropped in and said hello, he is here riding Harley around. Greg and Diane came and had dessert with us and watched the Long Long Trailer with Dezi Arnaz and Lucille Ball.We all had a great time, and anyone did not, was smart enough to have a great time.

SedonaWe decided to go on our first outing since Athena’s surgery, we were only about three weeks from the surgery date, that was too soon, so we looked over the balcony of the parking garage, and digitized a beautiful day in Sedona, that we are most grateful that modern technology was able to capture for us to share here.

DryCampingVerdeValleyThousandTrailsRoadBack out in the desert again, this time we have to look at RV’s which are marring my view with their unnatural presence, legally, they should all behind me. Wow, I sould as logical as the rest of my fellow american’s if you don’t see it my way, I am offended and will be seeing you in court, so you can be served justice. Some day, all of us RV people will be removed to our existence being offensive to the environment. (Note: we use 100 Gallons of water per week for a family of three, travel 3000 miles a year to stay warm which translates to 375 gallons of diesel per year. Ask the average soccer mom to top that in eco friendly.) The stress and the hours it takes to be playing wife are a bit more than I can take I guess, the day caught up with me and I hit the floor sustaining a lot bruises and a concussion. The fun of life. 🙂

Verde River Cottonwood Athena and I took a walk for weeks after her surgery. She made it 1/4 mile to the river on flat ground. What a great day.

athena on the riverThis has got to be one of smallest rivers I have ever seen both in width and volume. I would call it a slough, the water is colder than fresh snow. Doesn’t Athena look good once again walking and standing. Sadley she is not pain free, and it is my guess that she will be bothered for several months as the nerves heal, and resettle in the homes that God had originally had in mind for them to resolve. We are not out of the woods yet, as we head for Las Vegas for physical therapy part 2. We can’t continue with the Therapist here as we have worn out our stays with Thousand Trails, and the United States Forrest Service.



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