On to Las Vegas 3/22/2016

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Athena’s surgery seems to have gone well, six weeks have passed and the Dr. is ready to subject her to part two of her treatment. She is still having Sciatic pain, but we have to wait three months to know if it is healing, or if another treatment is in order. Part two is six weeks of physical therapy, which we hope will lessen pain, and strengthen muscles which will prevent recurrence. Since we wore out our welcome with Thousand Trails in Arizona we decided to go to our Nevada park. Mike and Niki are here waiting for us and we are all excited to reunite for a spell. So, we say good buy to Holly and John, and to the Phoenix Skyline which is rather lame for a city of 4.5 million. They really need to put in more effort to make a bit more impressive.1-saying goodbye to phoenix 2 - last look at bell rock We go out to Bell rock in Sedona and say good bye. With Athena in so much pain, this might be Hi, as well. This year neither Athena or I made the hike.3 - stop off at colorado river One full day of driving, we were all exhausted so we stopped by the Colorado river. It looks inviting.4 - space at county park bullhead city So we stopped at Davis county Park and paid $17 for a river view site with no hookups, but the river was a nice change in scenery.5 - This population made it loud These people kept us up till midnight. These people can really kick up a party.6 - First sign we are reaching Nevada We looked out and saw our first real evidence that we were approaching Nevada. We had 40 plus mile an hour wind all day and Tomorrow after noon was predicted 50 plus so we were extremely ready to arrive in vegas and get the rig secure before the winds came back.7 - Easter Service at Central Christian in Henderson We got to attend an Easter Service with Mike and Nikki and a friend of their kids. This is a noisy church with lots of lights, dancing, and seating for several thousand, all of which were occupied. I prefer churches which are bit more tame if you know what I mean. Mike seemed to agree the old style suites him as well. Afterwords, there was a carnival out back, it had a Delorean all rigged up with a flux capacitor, What a cool Ride! On my way to the parking lot, we saw the SWAT team shaking down a bunch of cars, So Cool!  I could not understand the words of the speakers, only heard static so I only got extra ringing in my ears, and disoriented by flashing lights before and after the service. No idea what it was about really, but they had no tact and passed the hat around asking money from an audience mostly made up of guest. Athena and Sarah seemed to like the party, and got something out of it. Guess there is a generational gap between us.8 - Carriage Fifth Wheel main slide gear has had it Mike’s slide gear on his living room slide blew a nut. Now he can’t go anywhere until it is fixed. Getting help on a Carriage Cyclone makes getting root canal seem like a week’s vacation in paradise compared to the hell it has been to find someone willing to come out and fix this thing. We found one vendor with a gear and had to get that on line, and when we could not get it out, due to a frozen bearing, Mike had to get a shade-tree rv guy to cut the thing out. Since the gear is to the right of the mechanism, it seems like several washers might be in order to hold the new one to the left.  Designers of things never seem to take the effort an owner must exert into account in their designs. I hope they become mechanics with limited tools for all eternity.9 - cut the gear shaft of carriAGE FIFTH wheel with angle grinder The shaft has to be cut and the rest hammered out with a torch and a hammer10 - Las Vegas Thousand Trails Normally I like to camp where when I smell dinner it is coming from my rig! In this place I have to guess who is cooking me dinner, it could be any one of these rigs. They don’t know which meals are my favorite, and I could end up with a substandard dinner. For our own dietary health, we need to move to a place with a more space between us. A foot ball field would be a good start.11 - Mount Charlston Visitors Center Mike and Nikki were awesome and took us to the coolest place in the Vegas area. Mt. Charleston.  This place is so cool, I have no idea why everyone lives in the desert!12 - Hotel about halfway up Mt Charleston A hotel halfway up the hill, just before the road to the ski resort.13 - Sarah Finds where the real National Treasure is on Mt Charelston Sarah found where the National Treasure is stored! You just walk up the hill and enter the cache through the hole. Where some stinky cologne as a weapon in case it is guarded.14 - The Lodge on Mt. Charelston Here is the lodge at the top of the hill, great views, but they are so stingy with parking spaces, they all say no parking, so lunch at the restaurant is not happening.15 - View as we traverse the 8500 foot face of Mt. Charelston Cool view of the mountain and the desert as we went around the mountain at an elevation of about 8500′ Just imagine the flight from here on a hang glider. What could be more fun!16 - series of signs touting the benefits of Atomic Testing Dang! Their proud of the atomic testing done here. Now, I know why everyone two generations ahead of us is killing off due to cancer! Can you say Isotope?17 - Las Vegas Skyline We got to go to inspiration point, and see the city from Lake Mead Blvd. (Mike knows all the cool spots.)18 Balagio Gardens Mike took us to the Bellagio gardens, what a neat and over populated exhibit.20 - Fountains of Balagio waking up Waiting for the Bellagio fountains to wake up. I love all the lights.21 - Balagio fountains at climax The fountains are going in their full glory, it is fun being near all this water, when the weather is holding in the 90’s.22 - Sarahs phone home button and screen break she fixes Sarah’s home button and screen broke on her Iphone 4s, so she ordered the parts, and is busily making the repair, Look out guys she will be better at fixing things than you, and no, she will not fix yours without healthy payment!23 - I guess it rains in Nevada I guess it rains in the Nevada Province, it has been drizzling for days now. Kind of reminds me of home.24 - Forums at Ceasars PalaceSteve Raymond and family came in to town while on their way home from Los Angeles and took us to dinner at the CheeseCake Factory, then we took a walk through the forum shoppes at Caesars Palace. Athena kept up the whole way and we had a really good time visiting them at the mall. Only a higher class of losers can really shop at this mall though, so we enjoyed each others company as we walked off dinner. Athena could not do much the next day, she now has something in common with me.


In summary, Athena is worried about her sciatic nerve, but the improvement have been staggering, therefore we have great hope that in the next few weeks the therapist will take her treatment home and she will be better than new. Please pray that it will be as we hope. Please continue praying for Holly and John, they need divine guidance, and my guidance does not qualify. Pray for Paul as lost his friend, and our best blog follower Ken Trussell, Athena’s family with the lost of her uncle Jerry.


Hopefully the bogs will be closer together in the future. Our web site server was broke and it took us a long while between other tasks to repair. It appears to be purring like a kitten now.


As Usual, have a good evening and a good night….

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