First Stop North Fork Utah and the Mitsubishi Evolution Final Edition

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We arrived in Spanish Fork, Utah which is our layover to see Steve, Mendie and their kids for a bit before heading to the great Northwest to see our family. Steve and Mendie laid out the red carpet for us treating us to killer smoked brisket which must have constituted an entire side of beef. They gave us a portion of the leftovers and we ate like kings for days. Lauren played in a play “Peter Pan” I could hear very little, but the kids knew their stuff, and looked to be having a great time. Grace did a few songs with her choir which appeared very professional. Seth did the trumpet in the marching band, but our arrival into town did not seem to coordinate with his performances. Mendie worked over time making sure we had the feeling of being royalty, and yet found time to sit and visit during the continuous flurry of end of school year activities. Had we come up a week later, we probably would have accompanied them to Flaming gorge Utah to crash their summer vacation, we really needed to head home anyway. It has come to our attention that we have another drought to break. Everywhere we go, we get snow and or rain. We made the Utah mountains out our RV window very beautiful, and if we stayed long enough, I fear that they would have brought helicopter skiing to life.

While we were in town Steve showed us his new race car. He got himself a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final edition. The last car in the long Lancer line up, as Mitsubishi is killing it off to raise up line of lame electric propelled cars which are doomed to change one fossil fuel problem to another pollution problem associated with providing cheap and abundant electricity. These cars will force us to Nuclear, natural gas, and coal production. What’s the gain?

Interestingly I got to see the fuel that goes into Steve’s car, it is clear like water, but more combustible than gasoline. This stuff takes the corn out of the food supply, but is fun to burn. The car in the next video is like Steve’s but his is silver as he does not want a color that stands out in a crowed. I still think mat black is the best for ducking radar should that be a required trait.  Look at that plane the U.S. Government had for a while in the 1980’s. I think it was a Stealth.

Steve’s car came stock with a 250 Horsepower Engine, seems like a lot of horses for such a light car. It turned out more horses could be fitted under the hood though. Steve added a heavy clutch, some new pipes and hefty turbocharger. The car was placed on a dyno similar to the ones below. The computer was tuned a bit, and now this puppy delivers 500 raw horse power.

After the dyno tuning was done, and we waited for a break in the rain. Steve took it out where he could road test the new settings. The car feels like a jet taking off, we sank comfortably down into our seats and just like flying, I wonder could this be our last flight? Since he was just testing acceleration out on an empty track for under a minute, things soon return to normal and slightly more mundane than 30 seconds ago.

This video is a quick note about dynos. They can be dangerous! Steve and I stood outside the building but where we could see the show when they did his. I have no idea why they wind the engine out until it backfires. I was always told that holding the tach in the red zone was a really incredibly bad idea. I hear that the pistons will fly out of the car at times. Making this accident minor.

Steve’s car made it to 500 Horsepower. He is pleased as punch. This appears to be why one goes to this kind of effort with these cars.

How many people aspire to to 1000 horsepower, I do not know. At 250, it seems that wings are appropriate, at 1000 horse power I think one could privately aim for the moon. These things are like rockets! Until we can fly, let’s continue to light up the tracks.

Well seeing Steve was a real treat, and a lot of fun. For me, nothing will do outside of the big engine roar of a Hellcat, or 1996 Dodge Viper.

Have a good evening and a good night — Stay on the track and keep adrenalin pumping!




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