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Las Vegas Nevada Part Two May 2016

It Seems to rain a lot here for a desert


The fashion show mall on the strip in Las Vegas is a really up scale mall, until you compare it to the Venetian Grand Mall, or the Caesars Forum up the street. The sales people in Nordstrom are kinda snobby considering the position between the Forum shops and the Venetian Grand, who would never look down on a lower class Nordstrom employee. All this positioning, is rather difficult for me to understand, I am a street rat compared to these powerhouses, and Nordstrom made me remember my position as they kindly watched me exit the store, I highly recommend visiting these malls for entertainment value, but if you are a die-hard shopper, leave you money and cards at home.

Our ladies wanted to stay at home and watch Star Wars, Mike was uninterested, so took me on the tour de’ Las Vegas. We stopped at the Silverton Casino, it has the longest airstream travel trailer I have seen in all my life. The darn thing must be 50′ long on two axles and contains a bowling alley.

ShortlineBowlingAlleyThere is a short lane bowling alley in the trailer, the pins are on strings to save space. Seems to work well. The couple in here invited us to use one of the lanes, but we did not need to use the pub, I had to use the bathroom, so this arrangement just was not going to work.

The Mirage Buffet about $40.00 per person. You can get about 50% off by going to the 4tix booth in “The Fashion show Mall”. Mike worked here as a baker and he likes the place today. That says something for it. I doubt the Jew in the yellow shirt wearing the Daniel Boone Beanie is finding a lot of kosher food though. This place does sushi,  Shell fish, and some asian foods. Little complex for this country boy pallet, but rather fun and interesting to try.

 MirageBuffetolder If you’re like me and detest crowds, come in at 2:30pm. This place is a ghost town.

miragemoneypond At the Mirage, I stumbled in to the lake of forgotten coins. I think they reside here due to fact that slot machines no longer take coins. Slots only take the currency that folds. These new high-tone slots that eat paper and return paper, real don’t do it for me. I want to hear the lovely non-electronic sound of hard cold cash hitting the machine tray. Without that, the allure is just not there. Oh, if you want these coins look out for the men dressed in black dress suites, dark sun glasses and plastic in their ears. They think they are KGB, but I am sure they are just minimum wage security guards with google glasses.

miragemoneypondandscenery Standing out side the Mirage one can see that this pond would be a real haul, but it will take an Oceans 11 type crew.

miragevolcanoe The big rock water fall is a volcano that the hotel would light up every half hour or so. Due to fact that all the coins are now going in the lake, the Mirage no longer can afford to light this thing up all that often. The kids were disappointed that their one last chance to see a live volcano has passed them by.miragevolcanoehours This slide is here to remind us of the fact that they have gone cheap and the volcano is on a reduced schedule. Bet we can blame the unions for this!miragewaterfall I think they put these water features in the casinos to filter the smoke and carry it outdoors to the ponds. What a nice gesture, our asthma thanks them, and our eyes are happy too.SamstownCarriage Sam’s Town has a coach on display from when it opened. I am thinking my CRV has more creature comforts, and the exhaust from the CRV is more tolerable as it’s not in my face. SouthpointWaterfeature Made it to the Silverton Casino, it has a cool water feature connected to the Bass Pro Shop. Tempting to jump in, but there is always those pesky guys in suits. Would they destroy an Armani for a simpleton like me? venetianmanturnedtopillarofsaltThis guy turned to a pillar of salt right before our eyes. I wonder if he looked somewhere he should not have?
VenitianGrandRoom Venetian Grand Mall, you can tell it is too expensive for the average redneck. Look at the water feature and all the marble.WeMustbeStinkingVeryNicely Look all our Neighbors left, we should dump our tanks more often!GunclubcampgroundlasvegasClark County Shooter Gun Club 20.00 a night camping, spaces are tight, but it’s $20.00! You have to use the range for something though.KnockingUpanArrowSarah Learns to shoot, she has got a great grouping for compound bow novice. SharpShooters Some of our crew all taking aim, hoping just maybe they will drop a deer and inherit some venison. I sure love the vision of good food. IguessitrainsinLasVegasWe have been dodging rain storms for about seven weeks, rain, lightning, and flooding. I read that Lake mead is lower than ever due to global warming. Alarmist, be calm you will have your day. Lake Mead is actually low for two reasons. They are draining the lake so a third aqueduct can be installed that will service Las Vegas and LA in the event of very serious droughts. The second reason is we have an obligation to send a large portion of the water to Mexico to service a starving delta down there. We have in the past not honored our treaty to send them water, since Lake Mead has to be lowered for the construction, and the drought conditions are breaking, Mexico is finally getting soaked. IguessitsnowsinvegasSitting outside Achieve Physical Therapy on Rainbow Drive while Athena is getting tweaked to aid her recovery from the surgery, I took this picture. It appears we can save up to 80% if we act now on electronics. These things fell off a truck, I know because I saw them unloading it. Hmm. Actually, the snow is a profound element that commonly overlooks Las Vegas. Even the sin city has beauty man-made, and otherwise. L.A. ought to build desalinization plants and sell the water to Las Vegas. Turn about is fair play as they say. GodsPromiseEvenInLasVegas Leaving Las Vegas, we see God’s promise conveyed by the rainbow even here. We will hate to leave our friends behind, but we have done our time. The therapist would have like Athena to stay longer, but there was little left that he could do. He said she would need to walk no more than half a mile, do exercises every day, and never again lift more than 40 or 50 pounds. When we get back to the North west she will get another opinion. That seems rather surprising, we did not think a lumbar discectomy had this much of a side effect.  Well, we have done all the damage we can do in Nevada, hopefully we did not wear out our welcome here with our friends. At any rate, it is time to head off to greener pastures, maybe we will even find Mr. Ed.GreenerPasuresUtah

Well, about four hours and and half a tank of fuel later, we find greener pastures in Beaver, Utah. This state has already been expensive. The tire guy at the fueling station tells us he sees one tire has a slipped cord. Wanted to change the whole set for $4,600 we did not have that kind on money in the couch cushions so we decided if there is such a problem we would let it slip. The car tire was leaking air, then they wanted $400 to replace the rear brakes, we just did those about two year ago, so I thought I would wait until we could find a place to pull the wheel and look ourselves. We’re not going to use the brakes on the car for the next thousand miles or so anyway.

Have a good evening and a good night… and don’t let the trolls at the gas station bite!

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