In a House or an RV, the problems are everywhere you want to be.

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Pacific City Thousand Trails was fun. Lots of Guests, Aunt Sharon, Dad and Zella came for Sarah’s Birthday. They hiked to the lodge, then took  us to Dory Land Pizza in Pacific City. This is Sarah’s favorite pizza. Everyone seemed to have a nice time. Athena and Sarah waxed the RV, it was nice and shiny and thus not embarrassing to have company over.

Athena and I like to sit in the parking lot in front of haystack rock and watch the ocean. Today we got a treat and was able to watch the surfers. We also come here to the parking lot to conduct business over the internet. There is great cell service here and the service in camp is not stable, even with a booster. At this point in our Month, Holly lost her job as they did not like the fact the she wore slacks instead of a skirt. Silly us, we all thought slacks were dressy enough for the 21st century. I get the idea some Arizona businesses are really behind, or I just don’t spend enough time checking out the American Business woman. Needless to say, this placed us in crisis mode. Holly was not on the job long enough to have any savings, so she needed help financially, help applying for jobs and other things. Luckily with Brexit situation in Britain provided opportunities  to gain a little cash via our brokerage account. This worked out to our advantage and we were able to keep everyone a float. This is an area where I believe that God has really blessed us. Holly got a new job as a staff accountant in Scottsdale, and was able to pay her own hotel bill this week. The job is really hard with a minimum of 50 hours a week while on salary. Pray she can keep it up and do a great job for her employer, it is such a career opportunity. John is having a very difficult time right now, please pray for him, and pray Holly can get her work done and can be stable as John weathers through his trials. Pray for my brother Jae, we’re sending hundreds of Resumes but no interviews. One would think that a PHD in Microbiology could get work anywhere, but it must be more competitive than one would think. If you can use a Microbiologist contact me via the comments. I’ll get a resume out to you. Wow, our blog today has been nothing but work, work and more work. 2

The ocean looks like our lives right now, but like the ocean I expect our lives to be calm for a few days between storms. The serene calm at the hour of the sunset is second to none. We are looking forward to our calm.3

Athena’s Mom came for a visit and gave us an excuse for a little time off work. So we headed to the Tillamook Cheese factory where you can watch them make, and pack the cheese. These ladies are cutting the cheese so that the grocer gets the perfect loaf. By the way if you never had Tillamook cheese, you have never had cheese.4 I was looking for Sarah, and found her hiding from my camera, eating an ice cream cone. and looking at video. Probably YouTube. Kids these days.  5 Athena and her Mom enjoying a cone and each others company. Just an FYI: their fresh ice cream is even better than their cheese.6 Well that visit came to an end, Athena got a one day project in down town Portland. They made Athena dress up too. No slacks. Seems like work etiquette must be set by men who like to see the legs of finely dressed women. Sarah and I were to spend the day with Jae, but the rear brakes were making a racket like a thunderstorm, so we picked up jae and got new brake linings. Sadly it took four hours, and I think Jae was bored as hell. Seeing the innards of the car was not exciting as genome sequencing. This boy needs to get a job in his line of work. He lives for the lab. Athena worked 12 hours and the project went very well. She also loved the view from the Fox Tower where she was working. 7 Our last walk on the Thousand Trails Pacific City Beach. It was an incredible day, I always wonder if we would make it off the beach in the event of a tidal wave. I am thinking they should take swim lessons and join the swim team in order to increase their odds. I’ll be OK, as fat floats!8 Athena got another contract this time in Eugene. She put us in the Rickreall fairgrounds, a good place to stop over so she can work, and then continue on. The day we were leaving, she got an urgent call from a business in Salem and got another day of work. She also got two new remote clients, which is making Verizon cell coverage indispensable.  Since we are now only a few miles from my brother Randy’s house, he came to see me. That was sooo coool, I hardly ever seem him in our adult life. Work always gets in the way of family. Every moment is cherished.9 You can see a mountain and a farm from the RV while in the fairgrounds. That is pretty cool. we got to see Steve’s Mom and Dad, Steve’s kids were out riding the fourwheeler while we all visited. Steve noticed the gas was flowing a little faster than it should. We poked around for a while and determined the gas tank was cracked. Steve’s son in law ripped out the tank, and found it was indeed cracked. I realized that I actually do have something in common with a four wheeler. I am cracked too. The tank, was sealed with some putty. I do not have as favorable of an outcome. Anyway, it is always great to see them. Too bad they had to travel nine hours to get around the weigh station fire at Meacham pass. 10 We have an interesting neighbor. A fiberglass fish trailer.12 We arrive in Bend hungry! We stop at Costco for pizza. They have an automated pizza sauce application tool that resembles a record player. Work is still work, this cool device allows one person to make the number of pizzas of ten pizza workers,13 We found a site at the Bend / Sun-river Thousand trails. Absolutely beautiful site and perfect weather running between 80 and 90 degrees. All the parks are swamped now days. We wanted to run back and hang out with Steve and Sherri Stone in Pacific City, but they were booked solid, as is this park and every other park we know of. I guess the RV market is booming. I would like to encourage every one to take up yachting, before we can never come back to the Northwest and see our families.14 No camping trip is complete without grilling burgers. Thanks to Chris and Kimberly for making this possible.15 Athena stops working for a few minutes! I wonder if she is like me and actually still working.16 We bought a new PC for the business. It is an HP model A500. We found this AMD mini main board to be fast, but a real pain the back side to get Windows 2012 with hyper-v to function. Due to a lack of drivers we cannot get dual monitors to function on this board. We were able to use Windows 10 drivers in most places where the Microsoft drivers were no sufficient. In the end it is fast with only 8gb ram. We are running Microsoft Exchange as a virtual machine, and windows 10 as second virtual machine. Now I need a MAC OS license, and Linux version to test out. Kids like games and videos and their parent like to fight with hardware and operating systems for an absolutely wonderful day of relaxation.17 Day trip to Paulina lake. Cell service is next to non existent! Can’t work inside the crater. We have to find a new place to camp. Guess we will find out where that is when we leave here tomorrow. Just praying the fires don’t go crazy here. Athena and Sarah can’t take the smoke. So far the fires are by Sisters.18 August 1, preparation day. Sarah and Athena are getting laundry done at the Sunriver Laundry. There is no laundry in the woods.19Well from the office of Darin and Athena Pantekoek and that’s as much as we can share with you all,

Have a good evening and a good night…. Don’t full time to get away from life, life is whereever you are….

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