Headed to Las Vegas we stop in and see Steve in Utah

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Heading down from Farmington, Washington, we had to drop Paul off at his work in Baker City. I am not sure what he does, but he spends a few days a week working at the food coop where they sell natural foods. Still working at 90 definitely earns the man bragging rights. While dropping Paul off, we stop in front of a church with the following sign.

One has to wonder if the episcopal church is Mafia-based. Is the Reverend really Jimmy Hoffa living under a new identity in the witness protection program perhaps? With a name like that, we had no plans in crossing the man. We got Paul loaded into the vehicle that would take him home later that day, and wasted no time doing it.

Once we got to Utah, we visited our friend Steve, and Steve took us to Corn Bellies pumpkin patch. I think it was in American Fork, but I don’t remember for sure. It was about $15 pp to get into, but for good reason. They had to disguise a field behind a mall to look like a farm. Everything was trucked in, right down to the toilets. So the next question begging an answer is how did they do? Would they fool the city folk?

Well, they have Clydesdale sized (Costco sized for city folk) Holsteins. I think this one was plastinated – judging by how stiff it is. It real big, but it is not good for milk nor steak. Did seem to entertain the little ones though. Guess even a dead cow has value.

Sarah and I are interested in plumbing, and this old fire truck had a lot of plumbing to look at. It had about an eight-inch line with filter that you drop into a body of water, fire up the engine driven pump and shoot water until either the fuel was spent or the water source dried up. No idea how many fire were suppressed with this baby, as in their day the Fire departments were often volunteers. Of the fires I know about, most coincided with happy hour.

Holy Dino Brats, this guy is huge. They tried to get me in there. Tried to convince me that it was safe, by telling me I would enter through the front end pass through the critter and exit the backside. That was exactly what I was afraid of! A lot of people were lured in though, so I went for a look see up its back side.

When I first got a look at his back side, I did not see a thing, and it stunk to high heaven. I was sure it truly ate them all, and all I’d find would be big round mushy balls. I waited what seemed to be an eternity, then my family and friends came out in one piece yet claiming they had a great adventure through the digestive system of the Dino at Corn Bellies.

Yup, this is definitely a city farm right, under the watchful eye of VISA

Littlest one rides the bull, they’re the only ones willing to do so. Personally, I have a rather large appetite and would rather shoot the bull.

You only need to ride for 8 seconds, then you get a prize (Right? Come on rodeo cowboy friends – back me up on this one). She rode for what seemed like 20 minutes before getting bucked off. They did not give her a prize, not even a hero’s escort! What’s with that?

Pocket pool with soccer balls. No idea how that works.

The main event arrives! That darn thing shoots candy into the crowd, and the kid still standing gets the loot.

Dang, I found the pumpkin patch. Unlike the real farm where the pumpkins lye on the soil in a horizontal fashion, these are city pumpkins and they grow in high rises. With that fence in the way, I have no idea how their gonna pick them. Looks like their juvenile pumpkins kind of messed up from watching too many Japanese Manga cartoons. Poor things all tattooed and carved up like today’s teens.


It seems the Mormon have built themselves an Arc. I am thinking the remnant church had better be small. Someone should tell them the flood has come and gone, the next plague will be fire. They should probably build an inside out asbestos lined oven.


I love farm equipment, but for me, it has to be John Deere!

OK, now we are talking, but no air conditioning on a machine like this is a travesty. Guess this one is for the hired help. Their expendable right? Glass sealed cab, think about it!


She is one brave little lady. Let’s people launch her in the air so she can give us an Arial show. Sure this kid is in tumbling after school.


Not me! Not doing it, no way. She is brave!


Well they got their pumpkins, and as always they gave us the red carpet treatment. Our friends are really good to us, and we only hope we can return the favor someday. Steve and I found a cow at Costco and he made an incredible ribeye out of it. Now they need to hook that trailer of their’s and head our direction, so we can show them the ropes of RV camping and treat them.


Well were on the road again. Found this freeway side campground for $8 a night for up to 90 nights called Virgin River Campground. I did not see the river, Athena and Sarah climbed down to it. The trail was beyond my ability. Still a cool place. The next day, we made it to Las Vegas where we found our friends Mike and Nikki, and another set of friends we had misplaced until now, Mark and Sue. I guess Mark was laid up with a broken back.

Well until we find more trouble this is the end of an inning.


Good Evening and Good Night. ….Don’t forget we have an awesome Victorian home for sale in Washington State with lots of room between its neighbors.

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