Time Out to Talk About What Makes Success

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It has been awhile since I once identified my self with being young. I am becoming what they call solidified middle aged, and my body has become stiff pass the realms of the living. In tandem, my mind/my body only has a few productive hours a day, so now I want to talk about success to those generations coming up in my wake. I share my ideas so that others will spend less time pushing molecules around and more time working toward their futures.

I believe everyone can succeed at goal if they apply themselves to that one goal. If one does not have a goal, then having goal that will support him and family is to be his only task.  Aimless in the city is no excuse, inaction is a choice that only leads to failure. If you take one thing away from this article today I want you to understand that Fear is to feared! Fear is your worst enemy, No fear due to no application of brain cells is your second greatest enemy.

Fear is why the homeless man is homeless, fear of doing anything productive keeps him homeless. Personally, I would rather have steak and eggs at “Denny’s” than the remains of what a child dropped at the fair. Early on I made a decision that “Denny’s” would be the bottom of my pallet, not the top. (This my friends is a major step on the path to success.)

With my body and mind giving me so much trouble, and my wife bearing the lions share of the financial burden, what gives me the right to talk about success. Simple, I have met thousands of people over my life time, and paid attention to their attitudes, desires, and successes. I was very successful in the E-commerce industry.  I wrote the software that drove the warehouse, the software that enable people to put images on garments via the internet, I wrote software that tracked inventory, sell though, income and expenses. I put the information on hand-held devices, the data warehouse, and finally dealt a great deal with every operating component of the company.

Unfortunately, an unforeseen illness ripped all this from me, I only expected to live a few more years when I left the company, but the diagnosis from a team of doctors did not work out to be so dire, which means you all are stuck with me for a while longer.  Another lesson, “Believe all the professionals, but verify”. They’re not out to get you, but there maybe other answers to your problem that they don’t see.

When starting the company, we needed to get a niche product. We looked at everything from coffee beans to golf clubs. When we found our niche, we had to do two things. First we had to build a race car (Software, business processes to get the product and sell the product, and lastly financing had to be secured. Nearly two million dollars worth.)

We were not wealthy, this was 2006, one of us was driving a 1986 Nissan Maxima, the other newer-but not by any means sexy-vehicles.  I had $13,000 from severance from my last company, and $30,000 that I took out of my house. By all standards, we did not have a chance and should have walked away.  So what did we do, we asked the product vendor for a contract to sell his apparel line. The vendor said “Hell No”, So we created a new offer, and showed the vendor our resume’s, then we presented it again. The Vendor said “Hell No”. So we created a new offer, and showed the vendor our resume’s, our desired retail prices, and his margins, then we presented it again. The Vendor said “Hell No”. So we created a new offer, and showed the vendor our resume’s, our employee resume’s our desired retail prices, and his margins, and swore his company would not be sorry, then we presented it again. The Vendor said “Hell No”. I decided this was going nowhere and went to Olympic Peninsula. My friend found a small mis-managed bank that pledged the two million, then took that back to the vendor, and the vendor inked the contract.

I was out in the Puget sound, on a ferry, when he gave me the news. We had no warehouse, and two containers of product heading for my house, and due in next week. Was I afraid, No, I had planed for this very event, I had planned to win! I picked up the phone, had all the required computer equipment sent to my house, scheduled the software instructor for the staff, saw Victoria BC, Saw the western side of the peninsula as planned.

I headed for home. My friend and I still had time to secure a warehouse and get the containers directed there. Over the Weekend, My wife and I got the network up and ready for Monday’s class. Later that week My dad, and My friend and a couple other guys unload two truck loads.

Innovation in marketing and services never stops at the new company, without it the company would eventually die. Lessons learned here are: lesson one, persistence is key, you can’t unlock a lock if you stop at the wrong combination. Our vendor was the lock, we had to try several combinations to open him up. Lesson two, no means no! unless you can change it to yes. Lesson three, we don’t live in a vacuum, and goal worth that much perseverance requires the help of others. Lastly, good goals require the same creativity and perseverance to keep them going as it took to get them going.

A wise person once told me that we are always working, work is always on your mind, whether your paid minimum wage, or you have Bill Gates earnings. I thought to my self that a minimum wage job is a place to learn. You not to want to ever do a minimum wage job as a career. Get your education as soon as you can, then dream, then put your dream to paper, and when the math works out, don’t look back.

I have selected some videos that by enlarge reflect my philosophy on life (which is a business. So if breathing you have a business.) If you want to be your own boss, these things will really help. If you just want to be your companies best damn manager that ever lived, these videos are for you too.

Sometimes the fear of not getting a project done just right is paralyzing. Maybe you will move just wrong in a game of flag football, and your opponent will pull down more that just the flag; and you will be left with a little more hanging out that you would like. Mortifying isn’t it? Maybe the first time anyway, but after a time or two you soon realize that those on the sideline have more to fear than you do. We soon realize however that when we overcome our desire for immediate perfection; and allow ourselves to make mistakes, it is then, and only then that we begin to succeed.

My sister Marnie, is probably one of the greatest successes that ever lived. Several years ago, she went through a divorce, came home, and could not get a solid job. She was down, but not out. The girl was keeping off the street by couch surfing, but not for long. She started out by putting out a few flyers on doors advertising house cleaning, and people actually had her come and the paid her. A while later, she was running a registered business as a house cleaning person. Over the years, she married again, has a family and very successful office cleaning company.

Next in line is my brother, he wanted to be a police officer, and he was working on a farm to pay his education. He had an accident on the farm and his arm was destroyed in an auger. Many, many surgeries later they still could not restore all of the movement. He was told he could not be a police officer. He exercised that arm and even got to the point where he could properly and accurately shoot a regulation hand gun. He never took you can’t for an answer. Today, he is called sergeant, and he is not looking back.  (Lesson here, never is only as long as you let it be)

As for me in college days, my step dad would really anger me. He always seemed to know I could not do what ever it was that he needed me to do. I would get mad and say the hell I can’t and do what it took to prove that grumpy old man wrong. I always succeeded, as he knew I would. He knew that a challenge motivated me. Over the years, he has grown to become one of my very best  friends. One thing in common in everything I wrote tonight, is if we ever believed our naysayers, we would all be lonely and penniless, or at very least slaving away for nothing for the wrong person. It takes a circle of friends challenging you to do more than you can do.

Some believe they can sit around their dwellings and do nothing until their ship comes in. Not just no, but hell no! I picked up computers and got real good with them well before an employer came my way. I only got that employer through serious fishing. That employer sucked, he was a prick and made me think I was soon going to fired. He sold a another company about a year later, I got to negotiate a good wage, I made sure I was always indispensable. Lesson here is I played my guitar and I played it well until a opportunity came a long. I did not stop playing until I decided to retire.  Play it long, play it hard, and I guarantee it to be a long hard ride. If don’t play, you will not ride, you will be the ride. Listen to this musician’s take, if you think his efforts are exaggerated, just ask and I’ll show you ten more of the same.

The man in the video has different idea of success than I do. I want to earn the amount of money I need to earn to live in a home, put food on the table, dress my family in solid clothing. I don’t want to embarrass our God, when I tell people He provides. That means me, my wife, and my children all work in some capacity to keep respectable home and image. In the end, though David Allen Coe is a very different man than I am, we both had to follow the same road map to success. Maybe your waiting for job to fall in your lap, maybe you have obstacles to getting a job, I promise it will not happen with out callouses, blood and tears. America is a beautiful place, don’t let her down. Find a job, find a calling, and make it your career, make it your passion. No, one can do it for you, but every one is waiting to read your success story.


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Have a good evening and good night….

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