Wetlands, Mermaids and Volcanoes – Las Vegas 2016

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When people come to Las Vegas, it will not be long, and they will all have one need in common. They may have come in search of fame, fortune, and for some poor lost souls, a little carnal knowledge.

After a short time, only one need goes unfilled, and few will ever get enough of it, I know I can’t. The ecology folks probably think we are short of Prius’s and other short cars. This group of people went to the wrong schools however, and are taking away our very need, and that is water. We don’t come here for just a cup full, we come to Vegas for copious quantities of water, enough for perhaps maybe mermaids to live in.

That’s right Las Vegas is home to several of the infamous mermaids that are seen only, in some peoples fantasies.  (My fantasy is different though, I dream that Costco will bring back that vanilla ice cream bar they used to dip in fresh dark chocolate, then again in almonds. The same crowd that is taking away our water features, is also responsible for taking away my ice cream bar. While they are watching my weight, they better be watching their backs. I might find away to make the Prius illegal!)

Well, enough about the fantasies we have in Las Vegas. Lets dive into some water features that are still free to see. You are not even going to pay parking. (For those that don’t know, most of the strip casinos are now charging for parking because you are not gambling enough. Here is a link to a Parking manual for 2016. Please patronize the casinos providing free parking, and show your solidarity by not entering the others.

Our first stop, is the Silverton Casino. They and Bass – Pro have a lot of water in which to keep us entertained. We are in front of the largest cylindrical aquariums I have seen on the west coast of the United States. We are standing here admiring the mermaids festive spirit while waiting for mermaid to show up.

Athena is photographing the Aquarium. We hear tell, that a Mermaid is going to show up. I wonder if she will be hot, and the tank overcome by drunks, wanting to try being with a Mermaid. Since drunks are used to drinking like a fish, it seems reasonable that for the right price, they would be willing to become one.

Athena and Sarah get bored of waiting for the fabled woman

I knew it, the Mermaid has already got a stalker! I called security, but they just mistaken me for the crazy maintenance man and told me to lay off, or I would be the next employee to be fed to the stingrays.

The young aquatic maiden has arrived

You can see her stalker in the background. I don’t think she has noticed him yet. He looks like a frog; she looks like a fish. They are not compatible. He should just go while he can.

She swims like a fish, but she is the aquatic version of the tattooed lady. I wonder if Tattoos are as popular under the sea; as they are on the side of town that we do not want to raise our kids. I wonder if we dumped a couple hundred gallons of bleach in here if the tattoos would vanish.

Mermaids should look like soft, innocent, royalty, which might be an oxymoron to begin with. Amazing, this lady sure can swim considering the garb she is wearing.


Athena and Nikki looking at the Mermaid family who has performed here, and propagated the mermaid rumors for over a thousand years.

Time for supper with our friends Mike and Nikki. Sometimes Mac and Brigid’s family comes making 15 of us. We keep the park awake until the wee hours of the night (9 pm)

We arrive at the Las Vegas Clark County Wetland reserve. The visitors center is a big as most Oregon Community Colleges. Looks like the dumped at 100 million dollars into showing the desert people what a wetland might look like.

We are looking, there are some odd brush that have not heard about green. This wetland looks like the dry wasteland that might be found behind a Fred Meyer in Oregon. The walking trails are nice however, and it a creative use for the counties sewer run off.

Well, here she flows! Las Vegas keep flushing those toilet, the ducks needs a place to swim.

You know it’s painfully dry when it feels good to play in someones septic system.

If your like us and want to see stuff that is not on the strip, and does a fairly good job of faking natural the wetlands are nice, there are a lot of walking trails.

Speaking of artificial surrounding, it’s time to head out for the strip. Caesars Palace is one of few places with free parking. So, we will start there. First we meet the winged horse, unfortunately he is under some weird spell making him more stiff than me! He had nothing to say to us either, so we could not help him.

The dude on the throne was a parent, of whom we can identify with. He was also a king who had two kids. The kids both want the throne when he dies, and were willing to destroy the earth to get it, and destroy each other.

These kids only knew how take; but they did not know how to give. He was gravely grieved by the fact that his children were so dependent. Being a man of kingly wisdom he sunk Atlantis into utter destruction. The royal family was engulfed in fire and earth never to be seen again.

Kind of reminds me of Hillary and Trump, neither are worthy of the position they seek. Is there one of such wisdom in our country to stop this madness? If so, will it take complete destruction to right our hearts? Who are we, where are we going, and what are we working for?

If you got money and you love watches, here is the place for you. Two floors of watches, none less expensive than our car. Granted my car is not worth much, but it’s as reliable as Timex, it takes a licken, and keeps on ticken.

Here is the foyer of the palace, it’s the perfect place to sit while your spouse drops a few “$K” in each shop. Don’t worry about getting the purchases home. A hundred grand should easily fit in the trunk of your smart car.

Well, we will take little walk north on Las Vegas Blvd. We hear that there will be volcano going off at the Mirage.

If you are looking for a nice country home for a country Gent look no further than the video below. I promise the volcano in the video above is no where near this home, but we might be able to throw one in for the right price.

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