Quartzsite and Scottsdale Arizona

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Here on a mission to get Holly and John an apartment they can afford in Scottsdale. Then a drivers license for Holly, and to keep Athena’s business alive, she has a lot of balls and she can’t afford to drop them.

Sounds easy, but it is wearing me down hard. It is 140 miles each way to their hotel in Scottsdale. Even a short visit is a long one. The upside is with the inexpensive fuel, and the BLM camping is near free, allowing us to have a little more money to dedicate to the kids, and the internet in Laposa wash is currently stellar. Last but not least, we can’t smell our neighbors cooking. Even that would not be so bad, if they would just invite us over for dinner.

We are staying in a dry river bed, which the locals and seasoned RV elites call a wash. Hopefully when the floods come we are no where to be found, and the wash also comes with a rinse, and a wax. The RV is mighty dusty and in dire need of some poly.

This place lives up to its name, there is quartz everywhere. We also found sliced geodes left by others and agates left behind from the monsoons. We hope not to see one of those monsoons from here.

Holiday Rambler Ambassador

We do not have a clue what this is. It must be some art left behind from a religious group practicing seniorism. Some of these project appear to cover several acres each. The message however is unclear.Found art

The mountains are quickly vanishing. We fear, we may not have missed the monsoons.Ominous Haze takes the mountain

The mountains are gone. The weather station said heavy rain. We are in for it!Incoming Storm Quartzsite

Turns out to be dust, time to go inside and hide!Dust Storm

Well, the dust storm subsided, but left us a scorpion in the kitchen. How it got there, we do not know, Athena and Sarah screamed, I wanted to, but my genitalia climbed into my thought and explained to me that it was my job to smash it. Like a real man I did not go near it, but threw Sarah’s computer on the couch, then stole her TV tray and threw it on the the scorpion. Then stood on the tray for as long as I could stand, put scorpion spray all around the tray. After an hour I dared look under the tray to see how we fared. The scorpion was flat as a sheet of college ruled notebook paper. Realizing victory, I picked up the tray with scorpion affixed to it and threw it outside into the rocks. Hoping that by morning some other critter would have devoured its body. Just thinking about the thing gives me little stinging pricks all over my skin, and that tray was as close as I was going to get! In the end, which was a few day later, Athena removed the corps, and gave tray back to Sarah, so her school work could continue.

(Oh, we also took a run to the Havasu City Walmart and purchased a black light which makes scorpions, and other proteins on the wall glow in the dark. I now sleep with the black light.)

In the end the sand was back on the ground, the cowboy cactus became visible and the sunsets are again in the sky.

Cowboy cactus

On Saturday we took Holly and John to the Camelback Seventh Day Adventist Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. We liked the church, though the kids were a bit young for the music part of the service. They were sure it was from the 17th century. I am old enough to where it seemed modern to me. (Be careful the ADOT zombies are all over Scottsdale, they have their camera radar vans out in force, and they are aggressive. Returning from church we got flashed though we were doing 38 in a 40. We also got hit by a red light cam on the same road though we were not even in the intersection. There definitely seems to be a ghost in the machine. Hopefully the radar gods realize the errors in their ways. Otherwise, I will help an attorney line his pockets.)

We took the kids around the Scottsdale area looking for a small mis-managed apartment complex that might take them in. We found four possibilities, which are John’s job to follow up on. Pray that if it’s the Lords will that they live and work in Scottsdale,  they find a home they can afford.

We were also told there are no parks in the area with water and grass. Holly begged to differ, and took us to this one. It even had tables for us to use while browsing Craig’s list for rentals. This park is one of the few places in Arizona I would be willing to live. Providing there are no scorpions.

Scottsdale Park

The good news is scorpions around here only sting a person, they are not typically deadly, but you and everyone around you will be sure your dying for about 30 minutes.

Just a few thoughts for all our friends just departing high school. Looking forward, life is very long, throwing caution to the wind will make it seem even longer. Looking back is always a blur, but the real question is will you be satisfied with the choices you made?

Here’s Tricia Yearwood with some thoughts. Good, Bad, or Ugly only you can say.

If you run into a partner, with issues like the walkaway Joe. Maybe let them age awhile and see how things go before giving away your heart.

Well that’s all we have the energy to share tonight.


Have a good evening and a good night. – If your looking a for change of pace here is a home in the country you just can’t afford to turn down.

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