One Plus One = Three if You’re Human and Six * Four = Twelve if You’re a battery

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One Plus One = Three if You’re Human and Six * Four = Twelve if You’re a battery.  ‘Oh the secrets we keep when teaching elementary math. With a grin we sleep, hoping we will live to see the aftermath.

London Bridge Havasu Channel
Trying to help Holly and John get a real apartment, so they would not have to pay $1600 or more in rent in a couple of weeks was paramount to the success of our south-western adventure this year. Since we could not pay for an RV park near by, and help them with the funds to pull off this task, we found ourselves commuting over 100 miles each way. To up the ante as they say, Athena also needs solid Verizon in order to support her clients. This unfortunately eliminates our favorite Thousand Trails parks. So at this point, we are parked out in a desert wash a short distance from Quartzsite, Arizona. The land has its own beauty and lends it own curiosities. We have seen little life, other than a few odd bugs and scorpion which we promptly killed in our last article. Before making the run back to Scottsdale to work with the kids, we took a day off and went to Lake Havasue City to buy Sarah some jeans, which failed miserably. It seems she is way too tall for her girth. Not a problem I have experienced in the last thirty years. The day was not a total loss, we found the London Bridge. The perfect place to watch the world do what ever the world does.
The day is very nice, we found green grass, and Athena and Sarah are living it up. They are doing what they always do and staring at their phones. I don’t have one, so I don’t get the addiction. Instead, I love boats, and there are hundreds of them here, so I am staring at the pristine lake and watching the power boats tear it up. Can’t see how one would stare at a phone, when there are boats!


Scottsdale grassy park
After what seems like an eternity of looking for apartments, and failing to find anything the kids can qualify for, we decided to quit cruising the streets, and go back to listings from the computer. Scottsdale has a wonderful park, most likely funded by camera radar and red lights cams. It’s nice though to get something for our money. Athena, is hard at work getting our MiFi card up and running and beginning the search. I am pretending to be a flat land tourist, and taking pictures of everything, while people are working over time keeping me from falling in the lake.


The pond has fish, ducks, and is rather photogenic


Now the ladies are hard at work.


Water feature built back when man only knew how to draw stick figures. The one on the right is a fat stick figure. Probably the grand master of the tribe. (At least for now). I have no idea what the ink blot on the top is. Maybe a teenage mutant ninja turtle or something.


Back at camp, I found a black light and pointed at the ground. I swear we are on another planet, connected to earth by freeways lined with soils, so as to not tip us off. Talk about sinister government projects between the United States and some Alien Species. They just give all us old people roads, and RV’s and hope that we will just drive off into some Alien world to never return. Why, the baby boomers, that’s why. They did not have enough babies to pay into social security. Since revenue can’t be increased, they are reducing the rolls quickly, but quietly. So if you wonder into place that looks foreign to you, turn around and go home! We’ll send you pictures.


I want to buy this place, it is right next to old town Scottsdale, and only $240K. It has four good size rental units in it. Would make a killer investment at the rate rents and property values are going up.


Well another long, long, long day has ended. Next, we go to Yuma to get warranty work done on the shore power cord for the RV.


Yuma Proving Grounds. Not sure what they have to prove, but if your within sixty miles of Yuma there are blimps everywhere. I am not talking about the king riding around on the motorized carts at Walmart. These blimps have cameras, and are tethered all over the place. I hear they watching for people trying to sneak in to Mexico. I have not tried it, my mobility scooter is not fast enough nor agile enough to dodge experimental jets armed with laser cannons.


We arrived in our site at the Imperial Dam near Yuma. This is another LTVA, you can stay a year for $75.00. A day’s worth is about all one can take of this place. The camping areas have no plants, just soft dirt and rocks. We hit a sharp rock here and now there is chunk missing from passenger side outer dually, so now we are shopping tires. It is holding, but tires blowing chunks, can’t be good. All that said, this is the view from where we parked. Talk about a real blessing.


Trump’s last campaign manager, what brave, and loyal soul. Either Trump did not pay this guy overly well, or he has mastered miserly. I wonder what this guy thinks “Make America Great Again” means. Though I am a conservative, there is a good chance that it means something different to me, and his neighbor, and most likely Trump.


We made it in to Yuma for a history visit at the Visitors center. We learned the Californians have been stopping people to check for fruits and vegetables for a really long time. Perhaps as far back as when the first horse was invented. We also learned about water usage from the Colorado river, and that the Yuma Proving Grounds might have been around before Arizona in a rudimentary form. There are so many soldiers there right now, that it might rival the population of Salem, Oregon at 100K. They plug up highway 95 at shift change, and fill up the restaurants, and even own homes. Yuma would likely be the size of Quartzsite with a population of 3k if we get some Democrat who hates the Military in office.


Hot Dang! These desert sunsets rock!


The RV got fixed in a Walmart Parking lot in Yuma by Accurate RV, and as usual they did a great job. Handled all the warranty paper work, all I had to do was sign a paper and watch Jason work. We are on our way up to Verde Valley Thousand Trails. Knowing the potential for clients to call, I voted against it, but she figured Thanksgiving week would be safe. So we are now at Holt Shell, a little RV Park just before where I-8 and I-10 meet in Gila Bend. This park is not much, but it has free WiFi, excellent Verizon, 50A power, water and Sewer for $13 including tax with our PassPort America Discount. Has to be the best deal in Arizona


The park managers are rather old and rigid, but at this price, they can be what ever they want to be.


The security detail, is just as old, which is why they are always sleeping on the job. I do however fear the presence of the dark magic that I hear about in Sarah’s stories. If it wakes them up, I hope I have moved the family to a new country by then.


Time for fuel. Drove a little over three hundred miles since the last fuel up in Quartzsite.


Pulled in to Verde Valley, turned on the water, and the kitchen was drenched. We took apart the faucet looking for the leak. Turns out there a cartridge under the handle that tells what water flows where. We discovered it had come unscrewed. We tightened it back down and all is well. Unfortunately, that was all we had time for that night.


Athena had to work for a client, on some Hyper-V thing. We could not do it from Verde TT, so we went to the Laundry mat, she sat in the car, I did laundry, and took pictures of the rain, and this couple who looked like they were up to no good at the Habitat for Humanity in Cottonwood, Az. They just look like a Bonnie and Clyde. In the end they were just window shopping in the rain. Something went very awry in the car, The HyperV file was spanned across to physical Hard drives, but she lost the second hard drive while working on the files, and the span was broken. The up side is she backed up the file to disk, and to tape, and to a third location on the server before she started, so we expected this to be more of a severe inconvenience that a catastrophe. HyperV files can be re-attached to their Hyper – V server. Problem is if the file was spanned across two physical drives, Microsoft Hyper-V proved to not be robust in this situation. We worked all night and into the morning hours, found no Microsoft articles on this, no blogs in google on this, nothing. We were left out in the cold with our backups, and no server interested in making use of them. Mid stream in this effort, Verizon cancels our grand fathered internet plan, and we have to buy internet data from Verizon on an emergency basis. From our perspective, we are experiencing a total fire sale in our technology, and all looks to be crumbling. At the end of the day, we were shook by this failure of Hyper – V. That file has all the client data on it! The client, decided to leave the country for the Thanksgiving, and we had a very sullen Thanksgiving with our kids, that we seldom see. I felt sorry for them.


We took some time away from the internet and computers, which gave us some time to rethink what we were doing. Everything from start to where we are now. Verde Valley TT is really pretty this time of year.


Down in old town Cottonwood is a nice river called the Verde River. I took Athena here when trying to get her walking after her surgery last year. It is so nice here.


My Daughter and her husband who are over for the Holiday. She is a staff accountant in Scottsdale. It does not make much money compared to the cost of living now days. I am really proud of her for her dedication to her company, and the hard work she does. John is still looking for his niche in the world, and I wish him God’s speed.


While at the park, I found Jesus.
As a group, we scored on an apartment. Had to be a twelve month lease though. Leases are rip off for everyone involved, especially with the volatility young people experience. This place is a thousand less than the retail price they would have had to pay if they stay in the hotel. So if they can make rent every month, this place will be perfect. Holly can walk to work from here!


Their dog is a great dog, but has to live in this cage when guests are over. It should be out running. Someone left the dog at their house, they have been trying to love it and feed it, but there is not room here.  If you know of a good home with acreage in Arizona, comment on the blog and we will try and get this dog to a home with a place to roam.


In order to get the data issue worked on, I told Athena to take us and the RV to Casino Arizona in Scottsdale. They let RV’s in one time for three days free. If you gamble enough on the players card, they will let you come back. We will not be able to return, the smoke in the building was so heavy, that those with lung problems such as my wife could only handle about 15 minutes in the casino. The points required were pretty high anyway, so it is doubtful that we could have earned enough anyway. We used our three days, had great Verizon, got a ton of research in on the Hyper – V issue, and even got to help the kids with their apartment a little. We also did some shopping to help Holly with her clothes no longer fitting right.


Well, it is time to hot foot it to Quartzsite, it is the only place we know of that we can pay for parking. $180.00 a year, and get solid Verizon internet. I can’t get up and down and stuff, so Athena is performing the duties of a Master Mechanic and making sure the RV is ready to roll safely down the freeway. She is so sexy when she is being a mechanic.


Our new home in Quartzsite, other wise known as “Q”. Barren, but it has a stark beauty, that I can’t explain. We also researched some old skills I posses in forensics, and found out the software to resurrect virtual hard drives that are only mostly dead still exists. With that we were able resurrect every file that was lost. Our client, is back in business. We learned a lot about working with our client, which we hope will pay off for Athena, and her future clients. This is a wound that will take a while to heal on both ends, but Athena will be stronger, and even better at what she does so in the end, everyone should benefit. I lent her the money to do the data repair, so she needs to earn it back. If you know of some one with a corrupt, formatted, Hyper – V vhd drive. Give Athena a call, she will bring it back for $150 per drive, if she can’t bring it back, there will be no charge. You can reach her at


We head to the levy on The Colorado River just south of Blythe California to unwind. The colors and the shapes of the hills really help to reduce the chemicals in bodies caused by stress.


Hey Las Vegas! The Colorado is over the banks here! Take some and refill Lake Mead. Your economy is starting to suck in the lake resort areas.


Athena found ducks. If your hungry, these are fair game.


I have been told that Californian’s are a bunch of jack Asses. Including this one, this is the first Jack Ass we have met in California. He is wild and has something in common with us, “where ever he is, he is home.”


Cotton seems to be the main crop around here. Up north, we had never seen cotton fields before.


Since slaves are now illegal, farmers have had to find other more efficient means of getting the job done. Slaves were cheaper, but machines are easier to deal with than humans. This machine would require a bigger bank role to purchase than most people have in their 401K, and their home value on they day they retire. Is it profitable to farm cotton today? Should it all be grown and harvested off-shore? Is cotton too cheap on the open market? For what it’s worth, this is a cool machine and can do the work of maybe 50 men.


Cotton rolls made by the cotton picking machine


The material earnings of a cotton farm owner. Perhaps the nicest home in the entire area.


Suddenly we are finding ourselves running the generator almost eight hours per day and our fuel consumption has gone into orbit. So we start to troubleshoot. This is a battery bank with four 120 amp – 6v batteries we purchased in 2011. Though Athena cleaned the terminals in October, they look terrible today. Today, she refilled all the water wells up to the standard fill.
The terminals are beyond bad, so she cleaned them too.


The batteries are in their first trimester of pregnancy like some one else we know. With batteries, being pregnant is never a good thing.


Athena put a cup of baking soda in this bowl, then added water for a thin slurry.


She dipped the copper ends of the cables in the sauce for 5 minutes. The hardened green stuff comes right off. (Caution this mix, will stain what ever it dries on to.)


Dang, look at her work. Isn’t she great?!
The batteries are still charging forever, never getting charged when on generator, and draining in about two hours at a draw of 15 amps. So we need a new approach. 1. Reduce our power needs. (Give Sarah on older but highly efficient lap top. (She is making repairs to the main board in order to get power. Her old laptop had a dead battery and was pulling 10 to 15 amps) The rest of the house combined runs between 6 to 15 amps Dc. 2. Replace the batteries with more capacity. 3. Add some solar and see if it helps.


Sarah is learning to use her high efficiency notebook. We expect to see 1 amp DC when idle and 1.5 dc when the battery is charging. We added four Trojan T-105 wet cell batteries. 6 * 4 = 12 at least in battery math. Join the two back positive leads and the front two negative leads and you have a parallel circuit and you have a large bank of batteries at 6v, now connect the remaining positive and negative terminals creating a series circuit between the batteries. Now you have four six volt batteries summing up to one big 12 volt battery. 4*6=12.  Study the picture, and you can wire up a for battery bank in any 12 v rig. The batteries are rated for 225 amps over 20 hours per battery. This gives us a battery bank of 950 amps up from the 480 that we had. Deep cycle battery rules only allow us to use 50% of the rated amps. This leaves us 475 amps to use. Before, we had 240 amps available. Our goal is to only run a charge cycle on the batteries once per day instead of three times. Our power needs per 24 hour day are 460 amps. We have 15 amps to spare. Probably going to need more amps from another source.


Solar is that final source. We have three 100 watt solar panels lounging in the sun. The have the most comfy seats in our space. We have been moving the chairs as the suns position changes. Zamp industries tells us we will get a maximum of 5.7 dc amps per panel. Today was the panels maiden voyage, and the panels delivered the maximum amperage. We were expecting no more than 80%. Good so far. We need to panels to keep up with our day time usage of 15 amps. We may need to add one more panel to get that. We are so close, we can taste it.


Well, it says we are charging the battery. The solar added 66 amps to the batteries over the four hours it was charging. Again we are right on the edge of our goal for day time amps. We need to find a better home for the panels rather than the lawn chairs, was going to keep them portable on the ground, but wondering how they would perform on the roof.


1+1=3, and I don’t mean the fat dude in the red suit. Holly and John found out last week they were pregnant. The man on the right, looks more pregnant than Holly, but she expects to surpass him soon. They got an ultrasound. The Dr.’s believe the baby to be human, to be healthy, and progressing normally. They are expecting the baby to have an arrival date around July 15th. Keep in mind arrivals can be unexpectedly delayed due to unexpected travel conditions, and improperly logged departure dates. It is great to be young where you jump into the unknown via a single leap of faith. For me, I am happy to have experienced my young years, and even happier I am no longer experiencing them today. Best wishes to Holly and John. We are praying for you always.


Merry Christmas to all


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