She was a great loss, we see her to the next realm

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She meant a great deal to She will be sorely missed. Our friend took photos for our blogs for over four years, but took a bit of dust in the lens assembly which scratched sensor lens beyond repair. Over the years of traveling the canon Powershot SX260

proved to be the best camera we ever owned. Now as we try to keep up the blogs without her, we will be using whatever photos we can generate with Sarah’s Canon Powershot ELPH1151S that she has graciously lent to us

and Athena’s ever present I-Phone. The people we met here in Quartzsite are a wonderful family of nine including the adults. Their kids and Sarah designed a more or less Norse funeral for our dear friend.

Moon Rise

As we watch the moon rising over the Western Arizona mountains. Plans are being laid, and the kids are making preparation for SX260 to enter her next realm.


The sunset is absolutely spectacular, we have picked a wonderful evening for her send off.


The kids have built the traditional ceremonial Oseberg and added tea lights for realistic effect. I think they nailed it, and I am honored. For more information about the Norse funerals see

Sunset over the Colorado

The sun sets over the Colorado River. As the evening darkens the kids take a break.

Swimming Pool

They go swimming and hot tubing at the Emerald Cove Resort

Cheap Bear

There is a Tiki bar in the pool area where adults get beer for a dollar, and kids get ice cream cones for a dollar. Glad I am a kid. :}

Fire Pits

Time for supper

Norse Funeral

SX260 is heading out on her final voyage in the human realm. Due her attention to duty, and uncommon valor she is leaving this realm for the realm of great the warriors. Say good bye to SX260, we will be forever touched by non self serving service to all of humanity.

Condo's Colorado River

A new day always dawns, and we almost always miss the dawns early light along with most of the morning. Today, is no exception, funerals take a lot out of a person.

Retro Trailer

That is yesterday. Today we find a cute little retro trailer for Athena’s mom. She will need to acquire a few oxen to pull it, or perhaps park it in the drive way and turn it into a doll house. There are just so many possibilities yielding so many opportunities.

Best RV Resort Mini Golf

This mini Golf has to be the most well kept and fun Mini golf we have ever encountered in an RV resort. Emerald Cove has the market cornered on Mini Golf, Beer, and Boating.

RV Site

Close quarters, but we had full hookups for a few days. We became showering fools, and ate meals without regard to water consumption. Mashed potatoes, rotisserie chicken and pot roast. That’s living like kings.

Back in the LTVA, the big BLM owned desert in Quartzsites. Sarah and I were happy to return, just us, and no neighbors to smell our farts. Not that we mind that so much, but we don’t want to hear them whispering about the Pantekoek’s in the site next door. If a fart clears out Gila Monster or two, we are just doing our duty toward the preservation of mankind.

Cool Mountains

I love this hill, I want to climb the rock face. I have driven out that way, but it disappears from view as I get closer. It seems as though it is shy and hiding from me!

Games Af oot

Get a bunch of kids together and you will find a high stakes gaming room. One can cut the tension in the air with a butter knife, or have butter and toast while they are not looking.

Sunset Quartzsite

Time is sun setting on all of us. Sadly SX260 has moved on to test the waters ahead of us.



Holly has shown us that as long as the young are among us the future will be protected. New life continues to abound in this group. All shall be fine as long our young raise their kids to worship God, fight for their country, and raise their kids with gentleness and respect.

With our love for the SX260 being so strong, we said there would be no other. When your loved one leaves you though there is no option aside from infidelity. Now our hearts are lusting over a newer sleeker robust model. Life must go on. Check her out and tell us what you think:

After all the financial difficulties most of us face, and sheer amount of equipment we have lost in the last few months one would think that money is for nothing.

For some, now is a great time to move up to a beautiful country home. This is about the cheapest turn key Victorian home one can buy in the lower 48 states. This home has been shown more love than most people’s spouses.

One last note Thousand Trails Reviews is online. You can see all the places we stay when were not in boon docking nirvana.

Good Evening and Good Night… Happy Valentines day to all our hopeless romantics, and  our not so hopeless romantics should we dare wish such things upon them.



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