Spring is quickly over taking Quartzsite, Arizona

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For those interested in the performance of the Nikon B500 in the hands of a novice, every picture in this article was taken with the B500. For everyone else this is a typical article that you get from this middle aged couple, who would be happy to be living in the middle ages if it means a cabin in the woods.


Looking out my window
Looks like spring is beginning to make it arrival


New growth
Sprigs of grass, flowers and general peach fuzz covering the ground around us.


Night falls upon us and the teens wake up and have a meeting.


I checked the transmission fluid on the car, and it tasted really gritty. That is a sure sign the fluid is shot, even though it is still pink. Athena and I ran to Yuma to get the car fixed, some blood removed, and buy a new camera. Honda changed the oil, and the transmission fluid for $149.00, that was a good deal. Oil Can Henry charges us $100 just for the oil because our car requires special EPA approved sewing machine oil. We asked them to look at the engine as it has been sounding like a tin can with nails rolling down the highway. They looked at it for an additional $65.00. Honda found the Tensioner pulley bearings were protesting madly as they knew they were facing an inevitable and terrifying death. With 3.5 hours shop time and 452.00 they said they would be happy to fix it. They also said our serpentine belt was old cracked and worn. We knew the belt was fine as we just replaced it on our way out of Salem last fall. We decided to chew on the belt problem and go get our new camera. We ended up getting the Nikon B500. In the photo here, Sarah is digesting the manual.


Ford F-350 and Cardinal Trailer
Frank’s family decided to part ways with us. He has a job to do in Casa Grande, and one to do in Oregon this week.


2010 Honda CRV Tensioner
We decided we may have to wait too long to get 452.00 to fix the tensioner. So we got a new one at Auto Zone for 68.00, we learned the hard way, that a belt tensioner tool is a must. Get one of those as well.


2010 - CRV tensioner pully location
Athena and I opened the hood, and began to try and release the serpentine belt. If you look at the arrow you will see that the tensioner is under the power steering pump. We removed the power steering reservoir, but got no where.



Zack is here
Our friend Zack makes a hero of himself. He saw us fussing around the engine of our car, showed up with his tools, bravery and perseverance.


Tensioner removal and replacement
We remove the power steering pump. it was attached in two places to the pulley. That took care of two of the bolts, but the third is under the passenger side motor mount. To get at it, we had to undo the motor mount bolts and raise the engine all the way up to the top of the compartment. Then we could work with the belt, and remove the tensioner pulley. Since we replaced the serpentine belt last August at Lithia Honda in Salem, and the belt looked perfect, we did not replace it as recommended by Yuma Honda. The new after market pulley is larger than the honda pulley. In order to get belt back on we had to drive back to Blythe, ca. and buy a belt tensioner tool. Having the tool made the job just take a few minutes. With Zack’s help the job took 2.5 hours and cost 89.00. Many thanks go out to Zack for helping us get the job done. We probably would have given up and shopped mechanics.


Just in case you want to take a crack at fixing your own tensioner, here is the best instruction set we have found.

When in Quartzsite, look down! If I don’t look down when I walk, I crack my noggin. Since I am forced to look down, I find all kinds of cool rocks. Look at this one. Surprisingly, I found Quartz! I love it here


2006 Holiday Rambler 40PLQ
Our house is collecting energy for us while we soak in the surroundings


Our lawn sprouted


Flowers are beginning to bloom
Flowers are beginning to bloom. I don’t know what it is, but the sprouts coming out of the ground have a tart taste much like the stem from a clover.


Reverse Sunset
Reverse sunsets on the mountains opposite of the real sunset glow brilliantly. The clarity the night light brings is amazing.


desert wash ivy
The desert wash is in the ivy league


tree smothered in ivy
Ivy eats a tree in Quartzsite, Az.


Lone cacti


Most beautiful flower on earth
My wife is my most favorite flower of all. It’s hard to catcher though as she buzzes around like a bee. She is beautiful and a hard worker too. Thank you for letting me pick you.


Great view of spectacular mountains with the Wonderlodge in the foreground.


Three cacti
I told Athena to pose as a cactus, but she just is not prickly enough. So we only get three cacti


more cacti
Prickly twins


Arizona Horned lizard
Arizona horned lizard. I thought it was a more scary lizard called Gila Monster that lives in cliff areas and can wedge it self in cracks. This little monster is horny, and really fast.


I-10 East bound construction
Holly has been in the hospital with kidney infection, and other issued making her pregnancy difficult if not dangerous. They installed a medication pump that should help here feel better. Today, they let her out, so Sarah and I begin the 150 mile trek to the hospital. Now we get construction 30 miles at 45 on I-10. Sure slow


Cruising 2500 feet
Cruising at 2500 feet and 60 knots without leaving the ground.


Yellow Desert Flower
We stop to shoot pictures of grass and flowers


Cows in Arizona Desert


Yellow daisy?
Yellow daisy?


Purple flowers
Purple flowers, you don’t have to know their names to enjoy them.


Prickly pear prick solution
Prickly pear; the spines that you can’t see blend in with the cacti, and are super fine, and will get you. You can’t see them, but you can remove the little buggers by coating the effected area with rubber cement. When the rubber cement has set, remove it. Repeat until the pain is gone.


 wicked desert flower
Another wicked desert flower


Pink fuzzy desert flowers
Pink fuzzy desert flowers. Who can tell us what they are?


University Banner Hospital Phoenix
We arrive at the hospital on 12th and Mc Dowell in Phoenix. Takes a long time to get her released, and long time to drive her home. We just got there in time to meet the home care nurse.


Sunset west bound I 10
Finally, with our work done we ride off into the sunset


Sunset on the freeway
Stuck in traffic


My new home
Hanging out in traffic, I began dreaming of a new home. Looks like we would be downsizing again. I wonder if this park has age restriction. Do we have to be 85 and over with a Tee Pee less than 10 years old? Maybe we are just boon docking? If it has a pack it in, pack it out policy what do we do with our excretions if we never leave? Maybe we should not ask, unless approached.


worm hole
Worm hole dropped down to take us to our dreams. Unfortunately, we were too far away, but only a few cows entered. Now we are stuck here with even less beef to eat!



Well, it looks like our time is actually coming to end here in Quartzsite. We are moving on, not via a speedy wormhole, but via east bound I-10. The next stop is Casa Grande to catch up with friends. Some who we saw last week, and some we saw two years ago. Hopefully we will all find time to visit.

Now comes the $64K question, do we go west to LA and see some long lost friends who are not traveling any more? Do we hang in the desert somewhere and see more spring flora?

April 1, we see Steve, but we don’t know where. Do we go to Tombstone and Bisbee? (my favorite choice), Do we go north to Winslow, AZ which is central to lots places, or hang with his family at a New Mexico lake?  We want to see our friend Mark in Phoenix sometime in April. After all that, we plan to be in Denver to see a Neurologist starting May 1. Questions, strategy, and more questions. Free or nearly free camping is what drives our decisions. RV Parks, are going up in price faster than the accent of the DR when things here on earth get too hot for him. It is usually a fire he accidentally started, and at some point running always seams to be an option.


Well, we will be writing again from someplace else about someplace else at another time (Forward or Backward, we do not know).


Have a good evening and good night….

This world is not my home…


Until it is time to leave this world. Would you consider this as your temporary home?

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