Arizona Family Friendly RV Camping and Attractions

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Caution: Most RV Parks in Arizona do not allow families with members under 55 years old. If you are under 55 or any one in your group is under 55, make sure you tell the RV park before you book your site. Many families have been turned away on arrival due to age restrictions. The parks listed on this page, are or were family friendly as of March 2017. If one of these parks no longer allow families, please leave a note in the comments. If you come across a park that allows families that is not on this list please let us know so we can include the park once we have verified the park.

North Central Arizona

Page – Lake Powell

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 Page – Powell Campground


Page - Powell Campground

Page Lake Powell Campground Information

Places to go when here:

Places we went:



Flagstaff – Arizona

Flagstaff KOA

As always, KOA’s are family friendly

Williams – Arizona

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Grand Canyon KOA

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Rolling Shoe Box rating (8)

Good Cell coverage

Campground Information

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Verde Valley Thousand Trails 

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Rolling Shoe Box rating: (9)

Verizon Coverage is spotty and not very use able between 6am and 2am most days.

Lodge internet is good some times and not others.

Campground Information

Places to go when here:

Phoenix Area

Dessert Sands

RV Sites Dessert Sands

Sample of the RV sites at Dessert Sands – North Phoenix area

Dessert Edge – (Purple Park)

Dessert Edge Purple Park site area

Park looks nice, it is on the 17, and when we say on, it could not be closer without impeding traffic.

It is not easy on nor easy off either, one has to drive around the wrecking yards.

This park has a 10 year rule in effect. This means your RV must have bee manufactured within

the last 10 years. If your RV is older than that you can only stay 14 days.

This is a Northwest phenomenon that seems to be spreading.

We do not stay in such parks, and encourage others to vote by not staying as well.

Hopefully the parks will eventually get the message.

Eagle View Resort – North West of Phoenix (Scottsdale)

RV Sites at Eagle view

This park is a nice park, a bit out of town, but the quiet, and the parks classiness are worth the drive.

The park does allow children, charges a bit more than others for nightly rates,  but the seasonal rates are on par with the rest of Phoenix.

Monte Vista RV Resort (About 20 Minutes SE of Phoenix)

Awesome pool

Monte Vista RV Resort is a first class resort. Pools, Tennis courts, Basket Ball, Rock cutting and polishing, Sewing, and more.

The resort does come at a price of course. We were in on a special rate of $450.00 per month. The fees for security, water, sewer, garbage and electric set us back another $300 per month.

If money is not as important as a nice place to be, this resort is tops. The fact that they allow families makes this resort a southwest gem.

Mesa / Apahche Juntion KOA – (We never get out to these but they are kid friendly.)

We have not stayed in this KOA, it is about an hour east of phoenix in traffic.

Casa Grande (1 hour south of Phoenix)

Cottonwood Cove

Entry sign to Cottonwood Cove

This is a great little Mobile / RV park has pool table, air hockey, room for events, laundry, grassy area,

swimming pool, and hot tub. The spaces are nearly double width of what  other parks offer. Families are

definitely welcome here. Currently space rent is a good value at $30 a night, or $600 a month. If you use less than $175 of

power, they do not charge for electric, other wise you get $175 off your power bill.  The draw backs are, they only take cash

and Cottonwood / Pinal avenues are rather noisy. I am a light sleeper that never got used to the sirens and trains.

Most people I don’t think would be bothered. If you have a light sleeper, ask for the back row.

Casa Grande RV Resort

Casa Grande RV Sites

Casa Grande RV Resort is a nice park, these sites are the tightest they have, others have more space. The park has swimming, pickle ball, craft rooms and a lodge area. At this time March 2017, the

park allows children, and is friendly toward families. The park is in transition to new ownership so everything could be different in in the future. Please call ahead and inquire about pet and child policies before booking.

Western Arizona

Quartzsite (La Posa LTVA)

Lots of RV's Sportsman event
Laposa South LTVA allows one to camp with no hookups or other services from November 15th to April 15th for $180.

They provide a dump station, a water station, and trash bins all within a few miles. Most of the time it is quiet, and there are few people

around. When the January Sportsman and RV show arrive each year, thing get a bit crowded. Again, kids are welcome here

and this place is made for kids young and old a like.

Arizona Oasis – Ehrenberg, Arizona (Right under the I-10 Bridge on the Colorado River)

Sunset on Colorado River

Pretty little park, charges a premium due the proximity of the river. The freeway is seen, but seldom heard.

Yuma Arizona

Blue Sky Yuma RV Resort

We have not visited this park, we stay at the imperial Dam LTVA. Those who we have met say Blue Sky is nice and they are family friendly.

Imperial Dam LTVA

Camp where you want. Some spaces have lake views. Some areas have good Verizon, some not.

September 15, to April 15 is $180.00 They provide dump stations, fresh water, trash bins, and out door showers.

Caution – We lost a tire on our RV by scraping a sharp rock on the side of the graded road while letting another RV pass.



South Eastern Arizona

Benson KOA (About 1 hr East of Tuscon)

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Benson KOA

C:\My Web Sites\rollingshoebox\\wordpress\wp-content\uploads\2011\09\701-225x300.jpg

Rolling Shoe Box Rating (6)

Good Verizon coverage

Campground Information

Places to go when here:






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