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We have combined three subjects into this one page. First, we have a Baby Shower for Holly and Arianna with a few of our friends who belong to the FullTime Families RV club. Second, we cover the Hohokam Indian ruins in Coolidge, Arizona and last but not least a spectacular trip to Organ Pipe National Monument.

Baby Shower with Full Time Families in Casa Grande, Arizona

Holly, Sarah and John waiting for the guests to arrive.  Holly is on an IV because she has Hyperemesis Gravidarum and she can’t hang on to her fluids and gets little food in her.



Everyone shows up, it is hotter than hell, where it is 19 currently degrees, it is 90 here in Casa Grande. They play party games in the rig. Several of us decide to sit under a bush out side, or hang in other campers.


The food is outdoors, and ice cream fits the bill perfectly. Thankfully Breyers was on sale 4 for $10.


Holly, and Arianna, two women responsible for the need of a baby shower are getting gifts. Both are six months along. It will be interesting to see if they both deliver on the same day, and if they really will have girls. Modern science is still not perfect.


Jennifer’s family made Holly a receiving blanket out on their patio here at the park. I love the subject matter, and the workmanship is top notch. Hope the child gets the message here and buys a farm.

The baby shower was a hit, and the girls were very happy and enjoyed the fan fare from their traveling families.  There will be a family held shower for Holly in the Phoenix area at a later date.

Thank you to all the families that brightened the day for these two young women.


Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

 Hohokam (/hoʊhoʊˈkɑːm/) ruins

It is guessed that this is a left over building from about 1350 AD. If they are right, I am thinking the people who built it, were here before Columbus, and before Amerigo Vespucci. Up until recently the people were called the  Hohokam (/hhˈkɑːm/) which means the people who are no more. The Native Americans who live here Casa Grande take offense to that term, as they believe they are the ones who’s ancestors built this building. I have not yet investigated the birth and death records at the county court house. Therefore I can neither confirm nor deny these claims. In looking a at the ruins, I get the perception that they may have been built by an Egyptian away team. This one gives the appearance of an Egyptian pyramidal ruins for burying their dead. Here is the evidence. 1. It is really old. 2. Made of mud and sand. 3. Multiple stories which in this area very few building have two floor today.


Pyramid dropping

It shows its age, though it took longer than my body did, the wall is beginning to arch, and shrink.



This was probably the primary tomb where after the mutiny the pharaoh was laid to rest. They barred the windows and doors to keep him in, but as you saw in the wall damage in the last photo, he probably escaped. My best guess is Cleopatra rustled up a wind storm to blow out the sides of the building. She then hooked an elephant to a cross timber and brought the house down. Pharaoh, was only mostly dead, and now they go around making incognito appearances in tourist attractions around the world. If you look closely he is staring back at us through the bars on the other side. Now, this room is primary used as a toilet for the owls who roost on the second floor. If you want the official history of the ruins it can be found at this link A Brief History of the Casa Grande Ruins.


Organ Pipe National Monument

Organ Pipe National Monument has to be our favorite park in Arizona. It is like California’s Yosemite in that nearly every interesting feature of Arizona is here. The park is about 30 miles south of Ajo Arizona (The “A” is short, the “J” is an “H” and the “O” is long)

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is a U.S. National Monument and UNESCO biosphere reserve located in extreme southern Arizona which shares a border with the Mexican state of Sonora. Entry fee was $12.00 a vehicle. There is RV camping near the visitors center with about 250 spaces. I do not remember what the max size is though.

Leave your cell phone off, unless you have an international plan. Data is $2 a mg, to put it in perspective, this blog would cost you about $20.00 each time you opened the page, and that does not include the videos. The park warns not to give hand outs to people, nor give them rides in your car. Strangers are probably dangerous and should not be spoken to. We made it a point to only talk to ourselves while we were there.

You will probably get stopped by the Border Patrol, they are holed up in little half pipe culverts that you drive through. When they stop you they count the number of humans in your car. They then tell you how many people you have, and ask you if they are correct with their count.  Just say yes, don’t mention the fact that Jesus is on board, they will just get excited. Next they ask if your are a U.S. Citizen, Just act natural and say “Yes”, while using your best Texas accent. When they hear that, they will likely be tickled pink and let you go home, as U.S. citizens never lie.


Don't Pass
Entry to Organ Pipe, glad the sign is wrong. We really had to take a leak about ten miles in. Shortly afterward we saw our second picnic area and there were vault toilets. If there not there when you come through, don’t blame us, angels might have put them there for a short time just for our comfort. Speaking of comfort, the road needs to driven gently, some parts of it are getting near 4×4 rough in the washes, they do grade the road from time to time, and we just came out of a few storms, hopefully the roughness is an anomaly.


Cactus with palm palms

Barrel cactus is doing it’s cheer practice using it’s fluffy cactus as pom poms.

Athena and Sarah want to know Orhan Pipe

Athena and Sarah are getting educated. They would probably do a better job with this article, but they hate to write.


yellow flower organ pipe

Bush that makes yellow flowers

Organ Pipe Cactus

We finally found and Organ Pipe in the wild. We were beginning to think they only grew in the visitors center parking lot.


Arches in Arizona

Look carefully, this mountain has two arches. The lower arch is big and strong. The upper one is a delicate arch. Camping under them should be left to the Gila monsters.



Valley of darkness

We are having to return via the valley of the shadow of darkness.


Folding flowers

The flowers fold their hands before the go to bed at night.



The daisies must be party animals, they look like they are ready to play even though it is rapidly approaching night.


Las of the sun

Just another pretty Arizona sunset.

Saguaro nights

Here is More Information about Organ Pipe National Monument

Well darkness has overcome the park, and we are setting on the Mexican border. It’s time to get out of here before the monsters come out.


gila monsterWe were late, but we were saved by an ancient kimono dragon hunter.  Truly, give these guys their space they are poisonous, and when they bite they don’t let go.


Just for fun we have included a video for a friend so he can see how the Mitsubishi Lancer final edition was made. This is a good time to test your knowledge of Japanese.

Lastly, I know the Victorian era has passed us by nearly a century ago, we all know that living in a small town with easy access to work, Starbucks, and high speed internet is the dream of every one who remembers the American dream. We are providing you with the opportunity for that perfect dream home; you can raise your kids in a sleepy little town where there are no Gila Monsters!. The house is grand, the yard is huge, and it even comes with a white picket fence. If you are even considering wanting to settle down in real America, where the American dream thrives, you need this home. There is truth to the saying “Snooze, you lose”

There is a lot more we could write about, but this is enough for now.

Maybe we will write a longer article in the future, but were not really sure what that might do to you.


Good Evening and Good Night



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