Full time Families Pima Air Museum Tuscon Arizona – March 2017

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Stellar day for the Pantekoek Family! We get a tour of the Pima Air and Space Museum with 90 other members of our RV family absolutely free. We don’t know how this low fare happened, but we are grateful to those responsible.

The museum is normally about $13.00 per person. You can take a guided tour of the bone yard for an additional $7.00. Do it, we did a self guided tour, the planes were cool, but that all we got from the bone yard, besides a healthy walk.

Even the air planes are into tattoos these days. This one is a Hopi Hell’s Angel on the war path rested and ready to go!


Black Bird not good for pilotsThe black bird was one heck of an impressive air craft. Took two Chevy 454’s to spin up each of the air craft engines. Flew like a bat out of hell, but the drones it launched were a little swirly, so a few good pilots were lost when the spy drones detached for independent flight. Launching these drones was almost a perilous as launching young adults.


Better than a Pinup Model is my Wife

I got a model she’s better than the pin up, she will go with many anywhere. Posed right she makes the one on the plane well below average.


My next RV

I came here to pickup my new RV, the 787 Dream liner from Boeing. They promised me a deal,as it is just the second fully functional prototype, right after the one that caught fire due to defective lithium batteries. They should have bought ADA compliant ones certified for commercial flight. Well, guess if one lives through it, he learns.  Sadly, they did not get the memo that I was coming to pick her up today, and they did not yet have the elevator installed, the fuel in, and apparently misplaced the keys. Customer service these days! Maybe I should tell you about how it was when I was young.

Kids are clambering to push my buttons

Speaking of young, these guys are clambering for the pole position in life. They feel the need for speed, and are training for the future pilots of America program.

Athena graces a meteor

My wife makes anything look great. Here, she is modeling a radio active meteorite. Ain’t she beautiful! Some one should pay her for this…. Hint????

The museum was great. So far my favorite air museums are Dulles in Virginia, The Pensacola Air Museum (For hands on exhibits for the kids), Pima Air Museum in Tuscon, and Boeing in Seattle, Washington (for over head air craft placement and history documentation.). Well it’s been real! Don’t know where I am, don’t know where I am going. Who cares! The grass is green and the flowers are out in force, bringing allergies galore so were are out of here!


Good Evening and Good Night….
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