Holbrook Arizona and Bust!

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The pains of RV’ing are much like the pains of life, if you’re breathing pain will grace you with it’s presence from time to time. We are meandering along, on our way to Holbrook, Arizona to see Steve as part of of our northward push to  the Northwest to see family for the summer. Leaving our friends behind in Casa Grande, or actually they left us! They probably thought we had the cooties since were not Italian, nor Texans, just lowly Oregonians. We go our own ways and now we head for our first stop in our quest to for Holbrook to see Steve. Oh boy, what a quest it will be.

Flowers abound

Beautiful run to Sedona, good thing too, as there was an accident that added a few hours to the trip.


Kids in the park

Next morning, we take the kids to church. Seemed to be confusion about demon possession and mental illness. So we thought hanging in the park might be more productive.


40 Feet don't turn on dirt it plows

Made a bad choice on the way to the camping spot. The u-turn actually was too tight for the rig.


Damage my house

We begin straightening the body panels.



Athena sands is sanding out all my handy work.
Montezuma's castle

Montezuma’s castle. Pretty cool distraction from body work. Ate at the Cliff Casino, not much selection, but the food was good.


Play equipment at Montezuma's Castle

Kids found a sycamore tree to play in. Which one is Zacheuas?


RV looks better now

Turned out pretty good for a field repair, probably could have been better if the paint was less than five years old and the sprayer did not explode.


Parts from North West Wind and Sun Flagstaff

Jerrod went to Northwest Wind and Solar in Flagstaff and bought Solar stuff. He and Chris begin installing it all.


Chris pulls wire for Jerod

Used existing holes and conduit in the fifth wheel to run wires


Jerod working on Brackets


They prep the brackets on the ground.


Solar Panel climbing ladder

The panels make the assent to the roof.


Solar 180 degrees on the roof

The panels are up, but wind could cause issues at this angle.



Blue Sky
Make sure you set the Midnight solar controller in solar mode, water wheel mode makes less power.

He missed crimper flies

Crimping number 8 rings is a bear, they missed the plunger and the crimper goes flying.


Perfect this wack hits the spot.



Break time! We hike Boynton canyon. It is an excruciating .2 mile hike.


Nice odd man
Man hands out sand stone hearts to the ladies.


Sand Stone
Sand stone hearts made with wire cutters. Only in Sedona do you find love like this.


Cactus and flowers coexist!


Boyington Canyon

What a view!

Climb hill

Kids play king of the hill. Looks like Austin won the game.

Back at camp I get a weird feeling, and try to make a video to show the awesomeness of boon docking with friends.


A wired Indian man with blue eyes that did not blink, and kinda reminded me of Steven Kings Chucky doll stopped by our camp, rambling about something and dropped a turkey feather at our feet. I guess he is wishing us abundance, pride and fertility. Pride might be OK, abundance of cash would be great, but I am not interested in getting pregnant. As I keep saying, Sedona is an interesting place. https://www.warpaths2peacepipes.com/native-american-culture/meaning-of-feathers.htm

The fire that night was mystical, and the squaws were having a pow wow minus the peyote.


Seeing double again

I am seeing double again, this time I am not alone, the camera sees it too. Kinda reminds me of Pink Floyd and the dark side of the moon.

All alone in camp

I think we are alone now, and it’s time to go some how. The rain is coming and the clay is melting and soon we’ll be sinking. We hitch up the Honda to the rig, we are going to see Steve, so stay tuned for Holbrook or bust Part 2 “The Arrival”


Have a good evening and a good night….


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