Holbrook, Arizona

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Holbrook, has obviously had a bit of a boost from the movie “Cars” but there is really not much to do after you have cruised the town and seen the Wigwam Inn.

Cozy Cone
From the movie “Cars” the Wigwam is a caricature into the “cozy cone”. It is a mix of three businesses on Route 66


Remnant of a Lube shop
These Holbrook businesses are not Zombies, but beyond that! Once you have experienced the cozy cone, there is the Petrified Forest, the Painted Hills, and some route 66 zombies.


Now What?

Go to Range and practice of course! It took us a while to find it. Who knew the shooting range would be behind the Navajo county Jail. I never dreamed we would have to go to jail to shoot.

Skeet at Shooting Range Holbrook
Seth shoots Skeet, Steve throws the pigeon

Clyde is preparing Bonnie for a future career.

Gun Line up
10mm, 9mm, 22 Cal. I like the 9mm for control, it seemed to be weighted just right for me. Group 5 about a center of the bulls eye. I have not had a grouping like that in ten years.


Sarah and Athena watch the gun show from a distance
Sarah was not into shooting today, a friend of hers from Livingston Adventist Academy took his life last night. Kinda put a damper on this affair.


Loading the shot gun
Seth is preparing the shotgun for another round of pigeon shooting. Those who like clean cars, should supply him ammo as a thank you.


Seth has a gun
Seth Target shooting


Steve shooting the paper
Steve loves to shoot


A match made in Hell


Our Rigs
Campsites at the KOA are tight, but what is that among friends.


KOA diner Menu
They got the menu up, but nobodies cooking. Whats with that?


Flower and Bees
Cool Bee on cool flower at the KOA in Holbrook


LO LO in a tree
Everywhere kids go, they climb a tree. I wonder if adults drive them there?


LO LO on log
Not often is LO LO This chill. The petrified log must be rubbing off on her. She like the KOA log better than the petrified forest, KOA lets you touch the log.


Fallen building looks like a ruins of a castle
I was thinking a round table pizza place would be great here. They say you can remodel if the bones are good. They look great to me!




Future tire bill board
We tried to emulate “Lightning McQueen and share our wealth with every business in town, but we had two problems, we did not have enough wealth to go around, and we could not find Luigie’s tires. Instead we visited¬†Future Tire of Holbrook Arizona ¬†which was a life saver. We lost a tire to a pot hole on Arizona I 40 just outside of Flagstaff. We looked for 6 replacement tires, got quotes ranging from $6,000 to $2,100. Future tire had the same type of tire as Travel Stops of America in Holbrook, but was $700 cheaper. They only needed a 2 hours to install the tires, and T/A wanted four hours at $114 per hour plus a bunch of fees. Future tire is where Fulltime Families members should stop if they need tire on I-40.


Tire store
These guys did not “Richard” me around. The got the tires in house when they said they would, they got the tires on in the amount of time they said they would, and they charged me exactly what they said they would. Service like that is rare. Just for reference, they supplied 6 Sumimoto – 16 ply all steer tires 275/70/22.5 for $2,137.00 We could not have done that well in the big city.


Thanks again Steve an family for sharing your spring break with us again this year. We had great time seeing you, and can not wait until we see you again.


Good evening and good night…


Don’t forget about our Victorian dream, it can be yours for under $345,000


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