Meteor Crater to the Petrified Forest and Holbrook is Bust

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Just a bit after Flagstaff, we saw a fireball come a liven from the sky! Looked rather ominous knowing that Steve is heading our way, we pressed on.

By the time we got to the meteors demarcation point we were hooked up with Steve’s family. Some one had already put in a visitors center and view points over the crater. Left a deep hole.


NASA appears to be in on the action too. They are digging for the the meteor.

Viewing deforestationj

We heard there was serious deforestation to the east, so we headed that direction.



The blast appears to have vaporized the forest from Flagstaff to Gallup, Nm. Leaving only a few fragments of petrified wood behind. The government wasted no time claiming the wood, and charges $20 a car for the survivors to see it.

Ravens looking for entitlements

Here are a couple of the survivors hanging out where the humans hang out. They heard about our countries entitlements, and are looking for us to deliver.

Our friends and Family

Our family and friends pose for a photo over the rather freshly cooled ruins


The old Studebaker makes me miss Grandpa. Looks like and anachronism, and nostalgia all in one spot. Long Live route 66!

The heavy radiation generated by the blast oxidized all the iron in the soil. It sure is pretty environmental catastrophe.

Sure hope global warming turns out this pretty.

Good evening and Good Night….

Looking for a home ion a less baron land, don’t miss this Victorian.

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