Welcome to Northern New Mexico

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Well, we left Arizona sad to say good bye to Steve’s family. They headed north to Utah, and we headed east. The journey was a kin to a free trip to hell; that one would win from a sweet little robo caller, that periodically takes residence in our cell phone. Steve goes home and shows me his steak he is cooking over the fire in his backyard, and I am walking around in one of the most Liberal strong holds in the west. If liberalism were truly a social disease, there would not be an antibiotic strong enough to phase it. These are my first impressions anyway.  Now, let me tell you how I really feel!

No sooner than we cross the border from Arizona to New Mexico; we encounter a light up billboard says “accident 3 miles ahead”. Were it not for that sign, we might had ran up the backside of a parked semi just around the corner. We sat there for about an hour, then finally crawled to the detour they were sending us on. First exit to down town Gallup, New Mexico! For a full three hours, there were one thousand million of us riding our air brakes all the way across the town. I guess we got our tour of their fine city. They did not seem to figure out until late in the day, that placing folks at the intersections, might allow the detoured traffic to get through thus giving the good the folks in Gallup, New Mexico their city back. The path was only six miles long and completely devoid of any kind of view of the freeway. The news said it was that the local sheriff was engaging in a shoot out with some guy who had plans to leave the area without permission. By blocking this much freeway, I am doubting the account of the journalist. It was probably more like a Dr. Who or Men in Black thing going on. Knowing New Mexico’s history of hiding alien encounters, it leaves questions in my mind if you all know what I mean? Roswell, is not that far off from here… Just Say’n.

We get to the RV park, but they wanted us to drive under the auto plaza at the casino to register. The red carpet treatment and all, would have probably been pretty nice, but our rig would have probably doubled in value if we did that. The low roof would have turned the rig into one of them fancy, sleek, but not so little convertibles. Well, more than likely it would have resembled one of them red neck claw foot tubs one might find in the yard of a home in the deep south. Leaving all the pampering behind, we proceeded to another casino that is more our speed. The RV park resembles an impound yard, but it has full hook up’s, and boy is it cheap. We are living like kings for only $10.00 a night. We couldn’t be happier than pigs in a swamp. Monday night the casino has Chicken fried chicken for $8.99. We can’t wait to strap on the ole’ feed bag and give that a try.

We had a chance to take a peak at Albuquerque by visiting Old town. They were having some founders day shin dig. Finding a parking spot was like getting an upper GI, and colonoscopy at the same time; on a two for one special.  We wove around a bunch of narrow city streets, that one could hardly pass two buggies side by side, following the “Public Parking Signs”. On the last turn we came across an old piece of yesterday’s dinners type RV parked in our way; and great big old Dodge trying not to share what was left of the road way with us. We pulled hard to the right, and up tight against the RV hoping we would not catch a disease from it, to let the road hog get by us. The RV had a sign that said “Breaking Bad Tours” when I saw that; the only thing that came to mind, was “Broke Back Mountain”, I thought that could not be good.

After slipping around the RV, there was a parking lot just as the signs had promised. Fortunately for my dwindling demeanor representing that of “Eustice”  from the movie “The Dawn Treader”;  and Athena’s sanity. That big old Dodge left a space open, and the good folks of old town saved it for me.  The down side is they wanted five bucks, or they were going to give us the boot. Sadly they were not giving me an excuse to leave town, they were instead offering me a chastity belt for my tires, that they would gladly remove for $75. I quickly understood that $5 was less than $75, and selected option number one.

We had to walk back by that RV, Athena would not let me look around it much less inside it, she seem to think the “Breaking Bad” rig had cooties. I had never seen her so prejudice against someones RV before. Guess there is a show on TV making RV’rs look like drug dealers, and New Mexicans look like druggies. Hard to believe a drug dealer would not have a nicer rig. I don’t get much money my self, because I get it legally. I drive a nicer rig than that. Maybe she was afraid that I might like something about the rig and trade down.

Balconies in old town
Just as we got into old town, I thought things were looking up. I had seen this Balcony theme in theme in the “French Quarter” in New Orleans. Nothing of it here, this Mexican Cowboy town does not seem to know about clubs and beads.


Like a good wife, Athena dragged me to church.


Remnant church
The church has been around since the early 1700’s as one can see there is only a remnant of its’ original congregation left today.


Albuquerque homes
New Mexico’s taxes seem to get the better of the locals. They don’t get much to live in, but there is always money for the arts.


Drunk in alley
They had signs up advising people not to wonder around at night for safety reasons. We found a drunk wondering around the museum in old town in broad daylight. Of all the nerve of that guy!


Old Town Mall really nice place, looks like you can get IV here. Guess dehydration is a problem in these parts. The real problem here is that the shops look like they come in and out faster than the tourists. There are thousands of people here today wondering about the streets, and at least that many native Americans running shops selling trinkets, but no one is buying. The only place I saw doing brisk business was a margarita shop. Old town, might be dying of old age. Probably the result of freeloaders like me, who are in need of nothing.


Flowers in Old town Albuquerque. Can you guess which ones are mine. Hint, they are radiant as the sun.


Hippie on horse
It looks like New Mexico has had a problem with hippies for a long time now. This one was their first governor.


Horse balls
Well, it’s obvious that this one is stud. If you have not told your children about the birds and the bees, this pictures not for them.


Plaque about the governor of New Mexico. They used the creation of this horse and plaque to rob the good folks of Albuquerque of nearly one percent of their income. Now days, I think this robbery is referred to as the endowment of the arts. Hmm, anatomically correct horse should either scare or excite the old ladies any way. Guess there is entertainment value here.


Uncle fred
Hmm, why did they make a statue of my uncle Fred. My cousins should get a cut in the proceeds. Can’t wait to see him again when my time comes.


Mail lady / grammer nautzie in bronze
This is fitting statue of the mail lady that delivered our mail when I was a kid. She knowing our educational status would correct all of the grammar in our mail so that we would not be offended. She also did us great favor and let the rest of the town know what was going on in our lives to save us the grievous effort. That’s the nice thing about small town living. We are always looking out for one another’s welfare.



Rio Grande
The Rio Grande river seen from the bridge while were driving over it reminded us of a dirty version of our Willamette river back home. We decided we wanted to get down there and experience the stinky muddy river first hand.

You never know what you might find near the stinky muddy river

We followed the signs to the beach. There were only ponds. The Rio was sectioned off for reforestation.


Ducks and turtles
Looks like it is that time of the year when the birds and the turtles do their thing an procreate. We tried to photograph the turtles, but they were just too modest.


Well, at least Old Glory still flies here, at least for now. She sure looks nice in the New Mexico wind.



After listening to what this guy was doing on the Rio Grande, I kind of understand why they hide it from us tourist.

Truth is, I am just a little sore because the government took away the vintage tourist train that I wanted to ride from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. Instead they put in a sleek metro rail thing ushering in the new for a man who wants to hang on to the old.

Have a good evening and a good night…

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