Winslow, Arizona

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If it were not for you guys, we would not be here!

Jack Rabbit bilboard
Billboard from “Cars” where the sheriff would lie wait for Lightning McQueen. The jack rabbit says “Here it is!” We are not sure what he’s referring to, all we saw was a shanty shack with a few cars in the way.


San Fransico peak
We missed skiing this year, but looks like it was stellar at San Francisco peak in Flagstaff, Arizona


Winslow a one horse town put on the map by the Eagles with the song “Takin it Easy”. Seems to give all the old folks the goose bumps when they come here.


Road side sine
The Eagles are cast stone or brass here


Harley in my way
This jerk off rode right into my photo of the cast man. Then parked his hog on the corner of 66! His excuse is he is from Portland, Oregon. I bought that part, his behavior made it apparent. He then had the nerve to say he was on a scavenger hunt for Harley Davison from Portland to Atlanta. If your going to drive like that,your going to need a lot of good luck with that!


Brass Eagle dude
Athena’s last boy friend. Can you believe she was dating this worthless dweeb who played a guitar on street corners hoping he’d become a famous musician some day. She left him because he was hard and cold. She loves me because I am warm and fluffy. Gotta keep those Dew’s a chuggin’,


Another Eagle band member
Eagle dud cast in brass, Lauren is trying her hand with him, but he pays no mind to her. I think there are cameras in his eyes. The government is using this man to spy on us. Boy are his eyes hollow looking and equally sinister.


Guitar on '66
Giant guitar for a larger than life band. Don’t worry, she’ll grow into it.


Map of '66
Route ’66 map carved in paint. I guess it can be re routed if required.


Gift shop honoring the past
Lots of route ’66 stuff. Probably go bankrupt with the rest of the town after my generation is gone.


Man, this town is struggling.


Old building
The town is definitely mobile.


Horses lined up in Winslow
This town was not always a one horse town. It had bumper to bumper traffic just like all metropolitan areas. I can’t imagine the exhaust fumes.



Seth and Steve looking
Seth and Steve are checking out an old crane train.


My family is looking for a job with the rail road
Crane train car.


Strange signs in Winslow.


Um, Totem Pole
Now idea what this is for, but Winslow seems to be proud of it.


donor plaque
Totem pole plaque Winslow shows donors?


Totem face
I think I know this guy. Is it Mc Jagger? Why isn’t his music played on the corner?


Train yard is what really keeps this town financially viable.


High noon at the Winslow Train yard. We’ll actually were late. it’s 12:30. I wish that UFO was not in the picture. They’re not supposed to show up until we get to New Mexico!


Windmill in the park
Windmill in Winslow train park. My crew seems to have had their fill, so it’s time to blow this place.


Have a good evening and a good night…


Want a house in a nice neighborhood? Would like a little more shade? Here is a nice home, this no one can deny.

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