Focus on the Family Complex – April 2017

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Between snow fall events we ventured out to see the Focus on the complex. We were hoping to buy the “Drive Through History” series. We wanted the bundled versions because there is no way we could buy all the single episodes. We also wanted to see if they had a church, or knew of a good church in the area to attend.

They had brochures out in the welcome center for the standard tourist attractions, but no one had any idea where a flat land tourist should attend church. They did have a lot of information on James Dobson and how he financed his radio ministry.

The book store did not have the boxed versions of “Drive Through History”, they make more money off selling them episode by episode. We will head to e-bay or Amazon for this quest.

They made slide, a real big one, with tight corners. It is only open in good weather, and during certain hours.

I think the height requirement is so tall people don’t get stuck in the corners.

The slide drops you into a imaginary land called “Adventures in Odyssey”. These were children’s broad cast that one could listen to on the radio. I heard them when I was a kid and they were fun.

Kids can play here all day.

Vultures are everywhere!

For us, we found the little café to be nice. We got a large pizza for $14.00 including tax. They have Wifi inhere too. The WiFi is blazing fast. We downloaded a 9.5 gb file in just under an hour. Since our web sites were all whacked, we were able to use the WiFi here to download the backup, parse out the files we needed which gave us the foundations to rebuild the sites. We are very grateful to Focus on The Family for their WiFi signal.

This is a worthwhile stop, there is a little something for everyone. Kids play area, exhibits showing the growth stages of a baby. Focus on the Family history, and a nice bookstore. Oh, yeah, one must not for thee pizza and WiFi.

Have a good evening and good night….

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