Garden of the gods

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Athena really wanted to see the Garden of the gods in Colorado Springs Colorado. As luck would have it, we found “Gold field RV Park”, a Passport America RV park about three miles from “The Garden of the gods”. The RV Park did not limit the number of days we could stay for the $20 a night cost plus power. We stayed here for ten days. The less we move, the easier it is for Athena to work. This park had great WiFi, and our Verizon signal was business quality. Enough about that, we will be posting a review for the park soon.

This blog is about the Garden of the gods. On a nice day, there is little or no parking, and the visitors center is standing room only. When we saw that, we left.

We returned about 9am on a Monday morning, skipped the visitors center and drove to the main trail head. There was one space available and our car fit. We then hit the trails to see the rocks.

Weird sign

Cool spires in the distance

Looks to me like a giant claw coming out of the ground.

I like this rock, it is an odd mix of minerals

This map confused me something awful. We just walked, and I memorized the people. When I saw a familiar person, it was safe to assume I am still on the right path.

The park gateway is breath taking

Sarah found a Blue bird.

These guys are way up on the rock face. The camera brought them down to where we could see them.

This goose is several hundred feet up on a monolith. No predators up there I would think.

The Garden of the gods is a pretty neat deal, and it is free too. There are lots of drug dealers that are jumping up and down trying to get you to buy from their shops on the way up from the RV park we were in. There was even a filling station called Gas -N- Grass near here. The people dancing around with the signs looked rather pathetic, and like the traditional drug users we saw as kids in the school films. For Sarah they were an object lesson on what drugs can do to your physical stature. In the RV park one night our bedroom filled up with skunk smoke. The next morning I asked the neighbor to use a more traditional grass smell, the skunk smell was a bit nauseating.

Have a good evening and a good night….

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