Helen Hunt Falls April 22, 2017

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We set out to see Helen Hunts fall, because we could not cough up the cash to go see Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, Co. Just getting an RV park in the Denver Metro area is some financial feet by itself. The trip up to Helena Falls was iffy. We saw on the internet that the road would be closed. When we turned on to the road there was a sign saying the road was closed somewhere up ahead. We could not read the sign; the sign was too long for the speed we were traveling. So, we headed up the canyon to see what we could see. There was a nice stream along the road, and the snow was falling. Soon the snow was falling hard enough to need the windshield wipers, but the wipers disintegrated when Athena turned them on. I guess the winter weather in the south caused the rubber to disintegrate. She pulled over and replaced them with a new set that I had stored in the back of the car. We were prepared!

It looks like the attractions that you pay for have security and a maintenance crew. Attractions like this do not.

Guess the dog lovers did not want the city telling them what to do with their sh.., so they through the sign in the creek.

That is not my Mt. Dew container in the creek, I am still drinking mine. When I am done with it, the container will go into the back of the car. Probably be used as a funnel to put antifreeze in the radiator or something.

This much trash around, I am guessing the sign gave people the idea of placing their trash in the creek.

The road up is narrow and a 20 mile per hour speed limit. A few people seem to think 40 is a good speed. Do you know what an economy car would look like in the chest of an elk?

Found a rock wall bridge. I wonder how it stands up?

It holds this whole trail up.

No love, their ATV loses a tire or two and they abandon it. Poor thing is rode hard, then hung out to dry. (Had to have been owned by a man)

On to the falls

Nice creek. The water is clear and cold

Not much of a falls for the size of creek. It certainly, has its beauty for sure. Turns out the road is not closed, but the trail over the falls was closed.

Hope you enjoyed learning about the falls. Helena falls has a little visitors center at the turn of the road where you go up. If it is open go in there first. It was closed when we were there, but the drive was nice.

Have a good evening and a good night

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