Old Town Santa Fe

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When you come to Old Town Santa Fe, expect it to be busy. Tourist come to town every day to spend their money on trinkets, and some very wealthy locals come here to buy big ticket items. Today, was no exception. I was too exhausted to care about anything, much less a two-hour trip into Santa Fe from Las Vegas, New Mexico. When we got in, there were not only tourists, and locals, but worse yet they were filming a movie of some kind. It was bad enough that they had the road closed in front of our park at Storie Lake for filming, but they took over downtown Santa Fe too. We had to drive around for what seemed like hours to find a place to park. Thankfully the convention center had a few spaces available, and we just had a little CRV, which barely fit in its allotted space. Don’t try a big dual wheeled truck, the clearance is good, but the width only accommodates economy cars. The garage only charged $1.00 per hour, and there was not that much to see here, so the whole bill was $2.00.

Spring is starting show its nasty pollenated self, a few species of trees at a time. If only it could happen all at one and get it over with, Sarah would be so much happier.

Athena sees what looks like fish dancing around in the yard. It’s not really that hot out, maybe it’s just a strange vision after the stress of parking in the underground.

Dang, now we all see it! I think we have slipped into one of Arthur Dents nightmares. Now, I am wondering if I am at home sleeping. This can’t be real.

Here is a dude with no fashion sense, but is a true hero. Take the time to read the plaque below if you can. He has quite a story.

Most of the shops on this street are closed right now. If you’re broke, I guess a skate board is the way to go. Looks easy, no state fees, and I would guess parking is not an issue.

My two-favorite tourist. They are having a great time despite my mood. They came up with a plan. The plan called for a steak burrito just up the block. Strangely it worked, after eating a dead cow wrapped in a flour tortilla with sour cream and Guacamole, I mellowed right out.

They like to build wood buildings, then put mesh on them, use a filler, and paint them to look like mud. Why don’t they save a few trees, and make them out of mud?

Church court yard and burial grounds is a park.

Hmm, the message is not clear. Maybe all the dead believed in Christ and his mercy.

Church was pretty inside, they were having quiet time, and asked no pictures, and to remove hats, so I left.

Hard to see in this picture, but her calves are extremely fat. I think she has diabetes.

Well I guess the Santa Fe Trail ends here. Some women built a rock to mark the spot. Maybe someday I will take a little more time out to find out what the Santa Fe trails was all about. That’s why they make monuments. They want us to be curious and learn about our past, be it good, be it bad, it needs to be remembered in order that our tomorrows are richer than theirs.

Good evening and good night….

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