Sky City

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Sometimes you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere, and you would like to see something new. You scour the internet looking for something to see near home, but if you’re lucky to find something, you will have to sell your first born to foot the entry fees. We had a day like that and I am going to tell you how it turned out. We walked to the truck stop across the street and

We found the wire to keep the birds out of the sign letters make great anchors for their building materials. Now they had bird condos. Hey, if a little bird stuff is this company’s biggest problem….

To break things up, we got in the car and turned south from the Dancing Eagle Casino. Within minute we were transported into past, where all the cowboy movies could have been made.

We found Sky City, an ancient city, several hundred years old. Perhaps the oldest in North America.

The city is hundreds of feet off the ground on top of a rock monolith.

We look back at sky city from an adjacent ridge. No one except the residents are allowed into Sky City, unless they are taking a tour. The tour allows no cameras, and cost enough money to where you might have to sell two kids. For twice that much money, they will allow you to bring a camera and take photos. Even their values can be bought at a price.

Well there you have it, awesome country side, and Indian dwelling on a rock that we viewed from a spot on a hill that look like the Wagon Wheel inn from the movie cars. Getting antsy, get off the computer and drive down a road that has no traffic. You never know where you will go.

Have a good evening and a good night….

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