Yellowstone May 6, 2017

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This year, we only had a few hours to tour Yellowstone. We stayed in Livingston Montana at Osen RV Park. It was a two-hour drive to the North Entrance of the park. The entrance fee this year was a whopping $50.00 and most of the park was still closed due to snow. Our goal was artist falls and Old Faithful, and maybe a cool sunset. On entry into the park we stopped at Mammoth hot springs. They were active and wet, usually when we come they are dry and rather crusty.

I think the rangers come out and carve the stair steps in the wee hours of the morning. They just look too planned.

This red and green one is awesome

Looking back at Mammoth town

Cold, glad I don’t live here

Pretty area

Traffic jam caused by human with cameras trying to take pictures of vultures eating a dead thing. Glad I am not the guy driving the RV through here.

Lake is frozen, but too soft to walk on.

We found Artist Falls, the colors don’t pop like they do in the dry season, but they are every bit as impressive. Inspiration point is still closed. The lower overlook was the only angle open.

Athena loves these falls, I think if she did not need food and shelter she would never leave this spot.

Sarah has never ventured into deep snow before. We really must take her skiing. I think she would never leave the slopes.

This bison just gave birth a couple of minutes ago on the side of the road. Good thing all the photographers were busy with the vultures. We would have never made it home. Two revelations for me, I thought Bison with horns were boys. (Guess their getting more progressive too.) Second, I have no idea that they would have orange babies. This one appears to need a nap. Guess getting born, is tiring.

The Sapphire pool is really intriguing, and very deep.

Little random geyser

Old faithful does not disappoint. It was one minute late with this eruption, and it was a good thing too, we just arrived.

Yellowstone, the first week of May works if you just have no other choice. A great deal of the park is closed. Inspiration point is the best view of artist falls, the loops with some of the best geysers are still covered in snow, and the colorful mud pots are inaccessible just to name a few features you will not see this time of year. On the upside, the traffic is minimal, and we saw the entire park in the three hours that we had set aside for the park. When driving at night stay much slower than the speed limit between Gardiner and Livingston. We encountered a herd of Elk on the highway, we could not stop in time to avoid hitting the elk, at 50 mph our headlights could not shed enough light on them to identify the danger. Luckily, we steered through the herd, and none of the elk moved. It was just like weaving through a set of bowling pins. We are thankful to Christ that we and the elk were spared on this trip.

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