Back in Oregon, It’s nice, I know

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Walking trail in Champoeg Park early June with Athena’s sister and her family. This kids are growing up and are a pleasure to visit with as they get their grasp and gain their perspective on this world. Sure a wonderful family.


Purple flora in Champoeg Park. Forgive us, we know not our flowers. Just take pictures


No idea what it is, but its a cool flower


Purple flora in Champoeg Park. Forgive us, we know not our flowers. Just take pictures


Flying Bee
Bee in flight, pollinating the spring flowers Champoeg Park


Champoeg Park White Bells. Natures beauty is wondrous


These little thieves are bold, sneaky, and take pride in their accomplishments.


Our first look at the Pacific Ocean in ten months. There are kites presumably with humans hanging on them. I can only see the kites.


Girl running
Sarah is excited to finally be back on the beach. She loves it here.


Drift Wood
Driftwood piled up till it reaches the sky. Florence should have a city wiener roast. There is enough wood to roast one heck of wiener.


Old Town Florence
Florence Old Town looks as spry as ever. Rolls up the side walk at 5-pm though. Florence should take lessons from Bourbon Street in New Orleans, minus the porn. Put is some clubs, keep the shops open til 1 am, and get this town hopping. You have UofO at the back door. This is a two foot putt.


Florence Water Front
Florence Water Front too peaceful for 3 pm on a Saturday.


Florence Water Front from a transient dock. Mo’s is here. If love clam chowder and have not been to Mo’s, you have not had clam chowder yet.


Florence Water Front and Bridge. Tides out, but it’s a beautiful day.


Sarah and Athena soak in the scenery


Florence Water Front park, Athena and Sarah just finish taking photos from the gazebo.The gazebo is nice, so dogs are not allowed. Actually the sign showed a dog with its leg up and a slash through it. Guess dogs can come if all four legs are on the ground.


Sunset Bay Beach
We went to Coos Bay to see the Tall Ships. The advertisement indicated we could view the ships from shore, or for $12.00 pp board them and get a tour. We got there, paid for parking, and hiked a mile back, to find the ships concealed around the back of the casino. We could not get an eye shot without paying the $36.00 fee. We gave up and went here to Sunset Bay, our second most favorite beach. Our Favorite is Port Oroford. about 30 miles south.


Giant fossilized Lizard hanging out under a tree. Sure glad it’s not alive.


Sunset Bay Fossilized engine. Never encountered a complete engine on the beach before. This one is just missing the oil pan.


Sunset Bay Pipe fossilizing. See the mineral binding to the metal? It will not be long before this pipe is made of rock.


As you might remember from our last writing that we found a blown manifold gasket. Since then, we went to Cummins to get a repair quote, which turned into buying the parts and doing the work. The repair quote was $1700.00 our deductible with Good Sam Extended Warranty would be $1000, so $700 would be covered. The problem is Cummins required us to pay the entire bill up front, then get Good Sam to Pay us. We did not have $1700 in liquid funds. So we bought the parts and decided to do the work ourselves. We were sad that Good Sam would not be accepted as cash, we bought the warranty in case we broke down and only had a $1000 to work with. It turns out we are on our own for the repair. The parts came to $135, we bought them and went to work. We used the Jerico approach. Remember where they circled the city once daily for seven days, then blew the trumpets and watched for the walls to fall? We soaked the manifold bolts once a day for five days. On the fourth we broke some bolts loose. On day five, Athena worked her way in and around all the hoses and stuff putting a 1/2″ ratchet on the bolts. Once the ratchet was on, she used my big fat body to turn the wrench and break the bolts loose. She then removed all six bottom bolts. She back the top bolts out about a quarter inch so that she could get the old gaskets out and the new ones in. We had to be careful, one broken bolt, would have likely meant a tow to a shop equipped to remove sheered bolts.


Pry manifold back to reach the gaskets. Go no further back than what it takes to get at them.


Blown Gasket
ISC 8.3 Cummins blown manifold gaskets. Turns out the black soot on the manifold was indicative of a blown gasket. True to this engines nature, the bad gasket was on cylinder three. You have to replace them all though.


New Gasket
Cummins 8.3 ISC OEM Gaskets were on hand at Cummins Northwest in Coburg, Oregon. We really did not want to take on a job this large, but when duty calls, duty calls.


Gasket Setup
To Insert the new gasket in the Cummins ISC 8.3 Exhaust manifold we pried the manifold away from the engine some. Doing one cylinder at a time we removed the top bolt, removed the old gasket, put anti seize on a new bolt, slid the new bolt in while holding a new gasket between the engine and the manifold. We then put the bottom bolt in place after lining up the gasket. Did this for all six cylinders. The one closest to the fan took five of the fourteen project hours. We will go into no more detail here. This project will be documented in detail at


We went to a beach to watch the sunset and found a log petrifying on the beach. It is huge


South Jetty Wind Rattles Buoy.


Over the last week we have seen Randy, Sunshine, Dad, Mike B., and Athena’s Mom. We are hoping to catch more family and friends soon. Holly since she lost her job at 7 months PG is having a tough time making ends meet. John’s back is killing him, after a few days home, he has been back to going to his job at Mc Donalds. If he can keep it up, he almost earns enough to keep the family treading water. A local church paid their power bill after it was cut off. Unemployment money looks like it is going to be a fight for some reason, and take a great deal of time to get. For those that pray please pray these kids physical health, financial health and spiritual health. Sure wish my lottery tickets would pay out. In the end, the young are beautiful, but on those terms I have no need to be beautiful. To be on the top side of the soil is a good day for me.

Sarah has been taking us to the end of the jetty and back every night, and now driving us around Florence to get her driving hours in.


Good Evening and Good Night…

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