Down on the Jetty – Out at Sea

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Late afternoon, we arrive at the jetty. (South Jetty, Florence Oregon).To get there, turn left from the Thousand trails entrance, and follow the road to the last parking lot. If you follow a one lane asphalt road to it’s end, you can park for free. You don’t need a federal pass. Driving to the end of the portion of road way that is drive able, and a just a bit beyond that; saves a lot of walking.


Secluded beach in oregon

Those of us who want to go to sea, but no longer have a boat, have a jetty. Nearly every harbor has one, and most are accessible by foot, if not car. So here we are, out on the jetty and out at sea. The ocean is perfect for everyone today.


Seal says hi

The seals are living it up, fishing and surfing the day away.



Human surfers appear to be heading out to Japan. They appear to be strong swimmers, but Japan is a long ways away. They appear to have no provisions such as a tent, nor a port – a – potty. They should do more preparation before taking on such a great distance. If they are hoping to catch a tsunami, a boat might be a better choice, then they will not be too tired to jump out and catch the wave.  Maybe they will realize their errors, and try some waves that are more local.


surfer getting up

He caught a wave, seems that half the battle is figuring out how to stand up. I find it difficult on land. It’s unlikely he will get on his feet.



He got up an on his feet! Just how did he do that! He looks so unstable?  It is my guess that I am having more fun watching him, than he is surfing. He is still a mile out at sea, I have to do something else. Hope he makes it back.



The other side the jetty where another class of people live. Looks like these guys ride the water in style, warm clothes, a toilet, and completely setup for fishing. I bet they even have heat. The surfer dude should look into this mode of transportation. Go where you want in first class. Oh’ did I say I can’t have another boat? I still have my license. 🙂



My awesome photographer is taking a break. When she is done, there will be more pictures.

sea gull




































Well, it is the end of the day, here is a link to the campground we stayed in while in Florence, Oregon – South Jetty

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