Sweet Water Falls, Florence Oregon

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This trail is about half an hour from Florence, Oregon. You drive toward Eugene until you pass through down town Mapleton. You then turn right to cross the Siuslaw river. Just after crossing the bridge turn right again. About 15 minutes up the road you will find the first trail head, but there are three more further up. We never found the last trail head “Homestead”. Rumor has it Homestead has four waterfalls, and is an easy walk. So we settled for a trail head with no cars in the lot.

National Forest Sign

The sign says bring no valuables. I think this is because lots of people with defective DNA strands, are attracted to remote places, for the purpose of destroying everything in their path; and stealing that which appeals to them.  Now that we have cleared the air on the low brow’s who frequent the area, we can get back to finding the waterfall. This trail head is just across a little bridge, right after the road get narrow, but is still pavement. You’ll see it.


This is the trail, and I dare say the good part of the trail. If you are hard of walking, leg or balance issues, stay behind and guard the car. There are steep drop offs, and lots of rocks. The trail took me about three hours to complete with a lot of help from my family. We measured the trail at just over a mile using the pedometer in our phones.  One last note: Your phone only works as cameras here. There is no service what so ever, so if you need emergency help, try smoke signals.


White Flower

Sarah is taking a lot of incredible pictures for us today. I would tell you what all these flowers are, but due to my deficient DNA, I failed spring flora in college. Sure glad it was a one credit course.


seasonal falls

Found little water falls along the trail. Sure nice.


black bug

Found a Beatle


purple flower

Another wonderful flower


delicate flower

Sarah loves the macro mode on my camera.



If I were in France, I would declare my self a vegetarian after seeing this guy, and my understanding the French culinary taste.


weird flower

These are really cool flowers, especially when you stop and look at them.



Looks like a chandelier that one might find in a gaudy parlor. It is so cool…

yellow trumpet

More Plant life. Each one so distinctively different.


We saw one of these salamanders about ten feet apart. It was hard not to step on them. I nearly had heart failure each time one moved.


sweet water falls

The trail was difficult, the distractions were pretty, and the falls are incredible. If we had parked one trail head back, we would have only had to walk about a quarter mile to get to this same point on the other side of Sweet Water Creek. Physically, Athena and I paid for this walk over several days. Next time it will be the shorter trail for me.

We made a video of the falls and the road to the falls. The road part did not turn out, but the rest is nice.

Have a good evening and good night…

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