It’s Been a Long Hard Ride, but Sophia is Alive and Well

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When we took up the RV lifestyle, we created a problem for our selves. The kids meet other kids from locations where we are not, then marry and have children. Thanks to modern technologies such as the telephone and the internet, we can have at least some contact, but in big events such as childbirth close is not close enough. It’s not like we are obstetricians or something, but it would have felt better to hold her hand, and offer the bad medical advice I get from Google in person.

Thankfully John’s parents, their friend “CC” and grandma Nana could be there to offer emotional support and take the pictures that make up this blog. Holly’s pregnancy was not an easy one. Cash flow was like that of many young people, and not enough to meet daily needs, but  many people and organizations stepped in when they were down. Holly right away experienced her first complication with her pregnancy Hyperemesis Gravidarum (Severe Nausea & Vomiting During Pregnancy). Having Holly to be the only one getting a paycheck and experiencing watching them experience this was hard for us to watch, I can’t imagine how hard it was for Holly and John.

About the 6th month of her Pregnancy John landed a job, the pay is not great, but it’s a good job, and we are thrilled that he has it, and I think he likes it too, which makes us happy for him. Some jobs can be hard to like, and his makes him early to bed and early to rise, which is hard for young people. On month seven, Holly’s boss says she is no longer cost effective due to illness the pregnancy is causing, and terminates her employment. I seldom have been more angry at the coldness of a person as I was at her boss. Surely she could have weathered through a little while till Holly got back in the groove. What a blow to Holly. The catholic church gave them electricity for July, the city of Scottsdale covered her rent, and friends and family helped as well.

With all that taken care of the due date of the 17th came, but Sophia did not emerge. Then a long miserable wait occurred, and after a while the hospital scheduled and induction for the 28th of July. Sophia appears to be a practical jokester like her aunt Sarah.  Holly went into labor on the 26th, but the hospital could not admit her or assign a dr. because the computers were down. They did however place her in triage (An area that they try to figure out what to do with based on level of urgency). Midnight came and went, but Deb, and Eric (John’s parents) waited. Still nothing happened just labor. Finally medical people showed up and did a bunch of checks and discovered she had Preeclampsia. If they had not gone to the hospital, this in and of itself could have been problematic. The only cure for preeclampsia is immediate delivery of Sophia.

The  medical people then decided to get the labor into high gear with induction medication, but the labor just stopped for what seemed like an eternity.  Sometime on Thursday, Sophia finally came out, but I can’t remember when, this has been a long week. When Athena and I woke on Friday, Holly called and said they were giving here a blood transfusion as she was experiencing  postpartum hemorrhaging. We don’t even want to know what else could happen in a pregnancy.

Right now, we are thanking God for a healthy little baby, Holly being with us, John’s family, friends, and that she had this baby at the hospital where there are professionals to see them through. Athena had the postpartum hemorrhaging as well, she got better just before they were going to take her to the operating room for a hysterectomy.  This scared me speechless and we decided Sarah would be our last child. John and Holly have to decide for themselves what the will do, but I can really feel for John and Holly. Today had to be a really hard day. Hang in there Holly and family, God has more work for you to do, and I pray he blesses your family to no end.

John is one happy Dad. This is better than a new car, but harder to maintain.


Sophia looks like she has had a hard day.


She looks like she is wandering where she is, and why she is here. Not to worry Sophia, your grandpa has been feeling like that for years.  Now they make GPS transceivers, and the Government is here to help you with the other question.


John’s Dad, and John, it is cool to see them so happy. Holly sure looks tired.


Well Holly has to quit talking and doing photo op’s it’s time for a blood Transfusion, they take about four hours and are very nourishing.


Sitting around the house and thinking about Holly, seemed inappropriate, so we took a walk along the river.


Sarah, taking advantage of the commotion caused by Sophia’s birth decided to cut a couple of feet worth of her hair off last night with a pair of scissors.  We did not notice for a few hours, but when we did, I told her she did not have to sneak, it’s her hair and she is old enough to do what she wants with it. I also told her to go to the Walmart and get it professionally cut, she looks homeless.

Well, for $16.99 she got it all evened out, and seems happy. Hopefully in the future she surprises us in smaller doses.

Holly looks better with the new blood.


Goodnight Sophia – It’s been a long day.


A special thanks from deep down in our hearts goes out to “CC” for taking these photos. The photos are the only visual link we have to Holly, John, and Sophia. We want to thank all of our friends and family for praying for Holly, John, Sophia, and for Athena and I as this having a baby process progressed. We are thankful to God for the health of our kids and grand kids. We could not be happier for his positive answer to prayer. We are now left praying that Holly and John safely settle in as a new family and that they can be employed and happy. I would pray for a “happy forever after”, but his side of heaven, I don’t believe it exist. So when it’s good, “seize the day”. Lastly for those praying Mom and Ron would sell the house, it looks like she got her answer, she is packing!


Have a good evening and a good night….


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