July on the Beach

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We planted ourselves in Seaside, Oregon this year hoping to see family and friends. We have been so busy it makes me dizzy. We had Athena’s Mom, she has never been up on the North coast before, so we gave her a highlight tour of the area.

Stop number #1 was the Eifel tower AKA the Astoria Column. It was built as a memorial for the Pacific fur company. Today it is maintained to attract tourist.

They charge $5.00 per vehicle to come up here now, but the permit lasts a year. Most organizations seem to be figuring out how to scalp the tourist while only giving the locals a haircut.

With the fees, and the closing time of 10pm. It’s not as good of a place to take your girlfriend, as it was in my day.

We got a shot of the awesome twosome.

Young ladies are not the only people group who wore string bikinis. Judging by this picture on the side of the tower, so did the native Americans. Kind of weird, it is not often warm enough here in Astoria for that kind of dress. Maybe the Northwest is in a cooling trend.

Sarah was at the top of the tower and has pictorial proof that for 15 minutes, she was finally in a position to look down on her elders.

This year police presence has been more notable than ever on the beach. Are there now more laws creating more criminals? Or is it a side effect of legalizing drugs?

The Ocean has given up the corps of the Peter Iradale. This ship had parking issues, and has been in the surf a really long time.

The two post is the far end of the ship. This thing was longer than my house. My house is 40′ and has to fit on small roads. This ship did not seem to fit in the ocean.

Well, visiting hours are over. The ocean is reclaiming the ship until the next low tide.

The mast created a tide pool. Very neat!

We took Athena’s Mom to the turn around on Broadway. She saw Lewis and Clark there.

We always go to the arcade there, and we made her mom experience Skee ball. The only game worth playing. We set a play off between Athena and her mom.

I think they had fun, but even if they didn’t, I had fun watching them.

July 4th came, so we went to the beach and sat in the dune grass. There were fireworks everywhere. So many, the city could have not done the show and no one would have noticed. Watching them from the hotels is a good safe place. The dune grass makes one a target. Also, one needs to be careful not to step on honeymooners doing their honeymoon thing in the grass. The grass is tall, it is dark, and they can’t be heard over the ambient noise. In the 80’s my friends said a good show must have three elements 1. Sex, 2. Drugs, and 3. Rock ‘n Roll. By that measure, the seaside fireworks show would be two thumbs up. So, if you go down in the grass to watch the fireworks, it not my fault. I warned you.

Sarah rocks as a fireworks photographer. I like the photos better than the show itself.

I shot Sarah and Dominic, on the bank of the Columbia river not far from Buoy 10.

We are just a mile North of The Peter Iradale playing on the Jetty.

I forgot what we are looking for, but Athena found it. Guess we will go that way!

My crew is rock climbing. The ocean on one side, and the Columbia river on the other. I got to be with them via 40x optical super zoom.

Now we are 30 miles south of the Jetty on Indian Head beach in Cannon Beach.

We are looking for agates. Our crew searched all the rocks, but only found crabs.

My explorers worked very hard, but came up empty handed. I wanted to get some agates for them at a giftshop, but the locals tell me there are no more agates in Oregon. I could understand why they might move to another state. I kind of thing Oregon politics are getting a little weird myself.

This place is surreal. Don’t be on the beach at high tide though, unless you can tread water for 3 hours.

Well, a lot of time was spent here in camp. Athena was working, I was trying to fix my scooter, and solve the world’s sewer containment issues. Once I have done that I plan to make Mr. Fusion a reality.

This is the rolling office, and home of our friends. They spend a great deal of time in here making the full-time families stronger, and more fun for us.

Down at the cove, the tide was out. Athena and I walked on the beach. It was coated in shrimp and Jelly fish. When the beach is like that, wear shoes, these things will give a memorable sting! Also, where vicks in your nostrils, the whole beach will stink in August.

Back down to Cannon Beach to buy me supper at Mo’s. The only reason anyone goes to the beach. Athena made me go for a walk on the beach before supper. It was so bright we had to wears shades!

We caught a nice view of the light house that we saw at Indian beach a few days ago.

We should start bad rumors about Oregon and spread them in California. This crowd is tolerable, but just wait. In a few years, there will only be beach towels. The towels will hide all that sand.

We took a ride up to Ilwaco and checked out the area.

I love this marina. If I lived here, I would buy my boat back and fish every day the weather was not bad enough to swamp the boat.

Harbor entrance needs more water to deal with low tide.

Look back at Cape Disappointment

Ilwaco is where Long Beach Thousand Trails lives. Thousand Trails is located perfectly between Seaview, and Ilwacco. There is a biking / Hiking trail from Cape Disappointment to the Long Beach. In Long Beach there are lots of tourists shops and an ocean facing boardwalk. This is a really nice area. The Thousand Trails park even has solid cell service now. Our stay is over for Seaside, leaving to a warmer place tomorrow morning. Click the blue for More information about the Longview Thousand trails or the Seaside Thousand Trails.

We have been writing about the Origin of the world, origin of man, and man’s near destruction over the last few months. If you have any desire to know more about these subjects Read More

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