Most Important, Mom’s Birthday

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We had a family get together for my mother’s Birthday. It was the first time we had caught up with the whole family in one spot for years. If you’re thinking this is an RV blog and I am covering family, you are right on the spot. What is traveling in an RV about, if it does not involve family. My family is precious to me. They are not all in the photos, because some could possibly be harmed in one way or another by being in pictures due to their professions. Everyone else however is Cannon food. Oop’s I traded out and am now shooting people with Nikon. Mom, is waiting for everyone to notice she is blowing her candles out. If you wonder why there are so few, it works that way after 30 something, otherwise you end up with an inferno that must be thrown out on the patio. The aftermath of which last for years, even with Oregon’s rain. Well, you might all wonder how old mom is. She is 20 years older than me, and I am 20 years older than I want to be. You can do the math from there.

Ron, put this party together and has done an awesome job. Thank you Ron for all your effort and the love you show toward her and this family by giving us cake and ice cream.

Well, being the house, gets boring real fast, and we all drive up to Seal Rock State Park. There are some cool tide pools there.

I take candid pictures of my family, I think we all like each other, because God made us all beautiful.

The rocks hold back a raging sea, and allow us to stay mostly dry while looking at stranded sea creatures.

The star of the tide pool experience. Don’t pick these guys up and put them in a bucket. Someone might stick up for these helpless critters, and make you feel low like a worm. Just so you know, I did not touch the critter or make the kid feel like slime. It was only an observation.

Ron walked way out on the spit, it was slick in spots, had to watch where he stepped.

Found two love birds

Sarah and her cousin at the waters edge

I found Seal Rock! One seal in the lower right gets no rest, he can’t get up on the rock.

The high seas are behind the rocks.

Tide pools from the perch where we can sit an look out.

Well, there is not much to say, but it was nice to see everyone. We miss them over time. Their jobs keep them busy, and our travels limit the time even further. No Jae is off to the Navy, so he did not make the party. Guess since we travel, we shall have to go see him.

Have a good evening and a good night

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