Grandma’s 96 – Birthday photos

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We arrive at Timberlinn Park in Albany, Oregon to celebrate Grandma’s birthday. On the way in we discover a cannon. We are not sure whose side it’s on, as its pointed toward the airport. ¬†We think they might want do aim it away from our important assets. If we can’t bring a pocket knife on the plane, why can they aim a cannon at it? Well, grandma’s not getting any younger, so we had better get on to the main event.

That’s our group!


Sarah, Aunt Becky and Grandma

Sarah, her Mom Athena, Athena’s Mom, Athena’s Mom’s Mom, and Athena’s Aunt Becky

A picture of all of us taken by Sarah

We all had a nice time seeing each other, a few were missing and missed, but that often can’t be helped in this day and age.


Have a good evening and good night…


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