Happy Birthday Sophia

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Birthday Cake zero

Birthday Zero for Sophia Cacy. Hosted by Deb and Eric Cacy.

Grandma in law Grandma Great Grandma Sophia Here's to looking at you Football Game started

Already a hell’s angel. Cute little headband. She will need something more aerodynamic when she gets her first bike.

Foot ball game is not even close

Ball game is not even close, might as well snooze this one off. ASU never stood a chance against Oregon anyway.


Baby wearing headband

We don’t have to say cute do we?

Baby and her dad

It does not get any better than this? This picture says it all. We have two very proud parent, and a whole bunch of happy grand parents. Again we say thank you to every one who has been praying for this family, and God for bringing us this blessing.


Good evening and Good night….

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