We stay at Prairie Camp

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Athena ventures off to Scottsdale to see our new granddaughter, Sarah and I hang back in central Oregon. Sarah has SAT’s to prep for and is taking drivers education from from High Dessert Driving School at the Bend High School. We had to leave Thousand Trails park trails park in Sunriver for a week so that our days in would sync with the Full Time Families eclipse event. Things were getting pretty booked up in the area, and being new grandparents was burning money with a greater efficiency than a blast furnace. Sarah and I did the most reasonable thing we could do and moved to an empty Forest Service campground that honors my 50% discount in forest service campgrounds. We went to Prairie camp about a third of the way up to Paulina lake on the Paulina Lake highway.

Camp site prairie camp

We got a nice site overlooking Paulina Creek and meadow. On weekends, people somewhere we can’t see have loud rock’n roll parties, they go on until about 2am or so. We drove around seeking them out, but have never found the party.


Prairie Camp

Guess the smoke ran everyone off. Kind of nice that way.


Paulina Creek runs through the campground

The creek and the meadow are nice. Once in a while we spot old people in here up to their neck. They look like they are very happy.


Our youngest daughter make me feel real old

Our youngest daughter is making us feel old. Only one year and she will be 18, probably wanting to start her own life. Her Mom and I will just get fat and old and hopefully have nothing to do but sit in the creek.


Sunset in the smoke from prairie camp

Video we made of prairie camp

Sarah and I were not bored at any time, I have been practicing making videos, driving Sarah to school and missing my wonderful wife. Sarah has been learning more about driving than I will ever know, and drilling on the SAT’s so she can go to college somewhere. She wants to do engineering stuff.

Good evening and good night…. Smoke makes sunsets

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