Central Oregon Water, an Eclipse, and Fire

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Most years, we spend the high summer in the high dessert of Bend Oregon. As you may remember we were chased around a bit by fire, but in past years that has not been the case.

This year, Bend was a focal site for media, government agencies tracking eclipse issues, and of course us Full Time Families who wanted to stay in Thousand Trails, hang out together, and view the eclipse.

Sun river RV Resort Camp Site

We got a nice large site near our friends. If Marnie or Randy had come, then it would had been with friends and family. Smartly, they were uninterested in hanging with us.


Next few pictures are some wildlife we found along the trail.

Athena on the Deschuttes




Butterflies Benham Falls Osprey over Lava

Cool Osprey bird. Our fried Mike took this picture.

My Balls

We found this ball swirling around in circles. Kind of reminds me of life. You go around in circles doing all kinds of important things at break neck speed. Then you find your not getting any where, but the circles are tighter and you just go faster and faster. Then you realize for sure your not getting ahead, and you sink into a hole, and the surface is no longer in sight. Just at the darkest moment you find yourself rising to the top, you must have done something right. You jump near the outer edge, only to find yourself spinning in the same race as before hoping that maybe it will be different this time. It is likely we are like this ball, perpetually caught in the whirlpool of life, spinning an bobbing, with nothing ever changing outside our own minds. The circle stops only when the body fade from existence or the current ceases. At this, we wonder if there is more. There is more, your more depends upon when you do while in the pool. We need to spend our time making the pool a better place by helping our friend, and the strangers we meet along the way. Learn about the love of your creator, and show it to everyone you meet. One day we will all be accountable for what we did while in the pool. We are making a diary of what we understand about our creator – you are welcome to follow along.

Full Time Families Dance

Full Time Families had a dance, it was mostly for the kids, but somehow the adults were involved.


Lava Cast Forest

Full Time Families went to the lava cast forest, there are a lot of holes to get into. Bring a friend though, you could get stuck.


Women Cave

Tonya is enjoying woman time in her woman cave. Kailey is standing guard.

All inclusive Cave

Lava river cave is a very popular attraction in Central Oregon. It is 1 linear mile, and pitch dark. We brought our friends down here to see if they could find their way out.


Little Deschuttes

More my speed, just go to big pine and soak our feet, or head, which ever works.


Drake Park

Shawnee is on the boat in Drake Park that Randy, Marnie and me played on before i could see over the railing.


Drake Park up in smoke

Sarah doing what young ladies do. Hardly see her through the smoke.


Paulina Falls

Paulina Falls. Quite a place. We saw a lady who was rather ample, maybe like a grizzly bear. She had no fur, and hidden in her contours was what might have been a bikini. She was being pursued by a man with a camera. I came to the conclusion, that they were doing a photo shoot for the annual secretaries calendar.  What ever they were doing, it looked like they were having fun. Shortly there after, a 20 something 6′ lady showed up buck naked up in the falls doing Tarzan calls. Right behind her climbing the rock wall to access her was a young man, he was wearing nothing as well. My conclusion is California has invaded Central Oregon.


Mike and Family visit Benham Falls

My Goddess

I found a goddess and married her.

Off spring of gods

We created some offspring. This one likes photography and horticulture. Everyone else should just give it up.


Some sunsets

Sun Sets Prarie Camp  Smoke and sun

We got a new-to-us inverter.  Chris removed the old modified sine inverter.

Me2012 by Magnum  install ms2000

He installed this pure sine inverter. Now we can use the microwave when boon docking, providing the sun is out.


Full time families is ending a float trip.


Lava Lands

We visit lava lands


Pilot Butte

Pilot butte, but the smoke makes it not fun


Red Robbin Old Mill District

Time for tavern burgers at Red Robin

Keep Calm

I love this guys tablet. We are set to watch the eclipse, and this says it all.


Somewhat calm compared to some

Athena made a giant viewer, but it could not see the eclipse, just circles of light.



eclipse viewer

Finally a use for cereal boxes, we can use them to see the sun.


Strange life form descending from the sky

While everyone’s head was up their cereal boxes, looked up and saw this being descending to earth. I think this should be entitled “The return of the zombie jelly fish.” So if we find a lot of dead jellies on the beach next summer, remember you heard it right here of “RollingShoeBox.com”


it's getting dark, no eclipse

With out a filter, the camera and I registered the sun, but a little copy of the eclipse on the near the horizon.


Eclipse with glasses Totally not totality

Mike screwed with his camera and put eclipse glasses on it. He contributed the last two photos.



More smoke, and more smoke, so we head to Salem for a few days hoping to see family before heading to New Mexico.


Fire burning on hwy 22

Where there is smoke, there is fire. This one was burning on the edge of hwy 22.

My message to the government, is we believe you, global climate change is here.

Please stop setting fires, we might run out of trees.



Have a good evening and a good night..



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