2017 Balloon Fiesta Goes to the Dump

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2017 Balloon Fiesta goes to the dump and that’s the way I like it.

The RV park we are in is run by the city of Albuquerque, and it’s a real dump. It is of course packed with hard soil, and is vented to a methane burner a short distance away to prevent random explosions. They also require engines and other sources of flame to be at least 2′ off the soil. This place, is perfect for our Full time Families RV Rally, and every other RV rally group as to date no one want to build on the land. $35 a night does seem pretty steep for camping in a garbage dump with no power, water, or sewer. When it comes to money, my father always told me it boils down to three things 1.Location 2. Location and 3. Location.

Though we live in the dump the city view is great.


Four in the morning and people are all ready here.


Street vendor

Launch field
We are on the launch field.


Laser show
Laser show


Dawn Patrol
Getting puffed up.


Dawn Patrol
Full of air


Dawn Patrol Departs
It is worth the walk from the South RV lot. It is one mile to the gate, but plan to walk 5 miles over the entire event. I had to use a mobility scooter rented at the fair, and hitched a ride from Almeda to the gate from a guy helping guys like me get down the road. What wonderful people to volunteer their time like this.


First balloon

Dawn Patrol is high
Dawn Patrol is high in the sky checking the air currents


Krispy Kreme
The balloon is great, but I would rather they were using those burners to make donuts.


Balloon people have gas
The balloon companies letting off excess gas! Good thing they did not have this problem in our RV parks. We are sitting on a methane bomb.



Resurrecting a British Soldier
Resurrecting a British Soldier, its not quite right. It looks more like necromancy to me.



Air Head British Soldier
Necromancy rarely yield great results. This one turned out to be a useless air head. Necromancer’s do however know how to take advantage of any situation. So off they go.



Red and Blue Balloons Ballonville Zebra Whiskey

Balloon Rides
Balloon rides, very expensive, and it is at your own risk. A pregnant person in our group, got scrapped up in a hard landing. She is still pregnant, and a bit cut up. She said the would do it again, but I should not.



Balloons Hatching everywhere. Unbelievable

Black SHeep
“Black Sheep”¬† ¬†Sometimes, I can identify with that phrase. Not because I flew black sheep in the war. I just have my reasons.OK- I hear its because I dance to a different drummer. Who are they to judge my musical taste!



Hello Kitty
I don’t like cats, ours flew away just like this one, and gave me less reason for its departure.



The Police A Ghost in the Man

Bad Guy in the Sky
There is a bad guy in the sky. Guess that’s the reason for the police balloon. The Yin / Yang in in balance




Zombie Penquinns
Heard of flight of the Navigator?
The March of the Penguin’s?
Flying zombie penguins, that’s new!


Next Wave of Balloons


More Balloons


Take off! Like OK!
Personally seeing to it that the guys take off. The population here is taking off, but not fast enough for me. They keep getting in front of the camera milling around like frozen sheep. Oh, did I say it is cold here!



Celebrate Men! I prefer women myself. As a male it is nice to finally have an attribute that can be celebrated. You want to celebrate me, I can accept that.



Full Time Families Helps launch balloon
The original members of Full Time Families have helped launch a few Balloons, this balloon is one of those.



Balloon is laid out
Lay down the parts, and tie them to the truck.


This side up
Balloonist rarely set up the balloon buy them selves. They shanghai unsuspecting victims. They they then work for the balloonist. The bad thing about acquiring temps who work for free is that they may not know the ropes. So some balloons are marked so the helpers will learn which side is up!


Inside a hot air balloon
Looks like a cool tent. Larger than most peoples homes.



Balloon is enlarged with a fan
That’s a lot of air


Man in red
Man-in-Red flies in this balloon as they hold a banner that says visit Mexico. If my teeth get bad one day, I’ll get a passport and got there for dental work. It is cheap like Wal-Mart.


Full time Families founders help crew this baloon.


She is lit
Finally there is some action going on the basket. She is lit!


Fire is good
Fire is good; lots of it has to be even better.


We Have Lift Off
I knew it! Lots of fire is better than a little fire. They lit a fire under this sucker and she is out of here. Actually Kimberly is still here. Air ships are affectionately referred to as she. Go figure. Large pretty things that men gravitate to are female. Little insignificant things, are male. I think they should celebrate men!


Video launching Mexican tourism ambassador:


This balloon is probably one of my uncles. I have been told that I am a nut. Sarah and Holly are my descendants. They should pay homage to this nut. It might one their great uncles.


Chocolate dipped strawberries! Yum. We should go to that steak buffet place that has the chocolate fountain. Unlimited steak, unlimited chocolate, who needs to gain unlimited wishes! Later Genie , we found nirvana without your help.


Mass Ascention
I always thought Mass Ascension was kind of an end times thing that would one day occur during Mass. Others referred to the mass ascension as when God secretly steal his people from the world. Some people could not seem to wait for their time to ascend and bought balloons. Either was, I have been eagerly waiting to see this ascension. I was hoping there would be a few less people around. Sadly the mass ascension was relegated to a few balloons at a time. In this case it’s okay to be among the left behind. One day Christ will return for his believes of all different flavors. That is the ascension I am looking forward to, and we will not need to travel to see it.



He does not seem know how to fly.



Largest motorcycle ever
Huge Motorcycle and it flies.


Mass Descension
Have you ever wondered what is cooler than a mass ascension? Neither did we, until we woke up the day after the ascension. Then witnessed the descension.


Hot air Ballo0ns come in near our RV's
Hope it’s our air force! We are fresh out of pitch forks.



Penguins are our friends
Penguins are our friends, and we’re not food…
I hope.



Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust. Another one down, another one down! Another one bites the dust!


Most realistic Balloon
Dang, this one looks totally real, has authentic sound too!



We take our freedom to complain about our government our military, and those who serve us, as our God given right. This balloon is a jewel! It reminds us that we can be pretty selfish thinking about our personal infirmities, our dissatisfaction with our presidents, congress, and others in leadership roles. With 380 million people in this country we will never agree on religion, politics, and in-laws. There will be times when we are called on to go to war, or worse yet our children. There will be even fewer time where we will agree with that decision. We will be called on to sacrifice for our country from time to time. Some of use has gone on our behalf in the past and we do not know what happened to them. This grieves us all, but they deserve our honor. If they see us kneeling at the national anthem, burning our flag, and rioting in the streets, that does not honor our loved ones who are paying with their lives. Please run for office, vote, but stay silent so dissension in the ranks of this country can not be seen by our captive sons, daughters, parents and grand parents. Let them see you loving the country they serve, and forever working to bring them home. “I have known no war, if I ever know it, I wanna know who’s fighting who”, man I hope it’s not me and you. Please respect our country, and let’s not fight among each other in ways that make look like snotty children. If you hate it here that much, you can expatriate, it’s is easier than immigrating. Peace must be attained at all cost, and it is our job to attain it by any means necessary. Pray for our leaders that will have wisdom and courage to do what is right.¬† Thank you to this balloon team, and all who read our blogs and are working to build up this country.


We sum up the Balloon Fiesta in the following video:


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Good Evening and Good Night….

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