For the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta We Need to Learn More About Ballooning

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This year we are attending the Balloon Fiesta with an RV group called Full time Families. These families share two things in common, they love to RV, and they bring their children along. The goal is to form friendships, and to expand the minds of the adults as well as the children. This makes the Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico the perfect stop for a Full time Families Rally. Today, we did a tour of the Balloon museum to get a glimps into the how and why of this annual event.


Sid and Bill Cutter put Albuquerque on the map!

Expand and read this picture by clicking on it. A natural phenomenon called the “Box” makes ballooning safe,and efficient.


These are a portion of the 23 families who came along this year.


Athena and Sarah are learning about ballooning over the earths poles.


They found it bone chilling and decided to head to warmer climates.


This is a cutaway model of a dirigible like the Hindenburg. The metal lines in the center represent catwalks that people walked on. This blimp, was huge at 800′ long.



Out the window here is the yard where they will be launching the balloons from. I hear that there will not only be balloons, but a lot of really good food in the tents as well. Our tee time is 4:30am sharp on Saturday. Anyone want to wager on how many of teens can be on the field by 4:30am?


They attached a basket to this blimp. I hear it did not go well.


Some Balloons were launched from boats


Sarah and Dominic are tying the knots. This is a required skill in both boating and ballooning. I found this to be true with kites as well. The wind currents are rough at 1000′


This is a basket called a Gondola and it is lifted by the balloon.


These girls are building a gondola. I did not stick around to see the finished product.


Athena and Sarah are planning where to take the RV next. I think we are going to need a huge balloon and a lot of propane.


Spy satellite I think.


The spy satellites are watching us play a table game.


I forgot what the thing is for, but I am sure it is hooked to a balloon somehow.


Has food and propane aboard, but I am not sure how they reach it mid flight.


For $4.00 the museum was a great value, and serious enthusiast should plan three hours. The rest of us go though a bit more quickly.


If your thinking you might be an RV enthusiast, have children, and enjoy meeting like minded individuals, join Full Time Families today! Don’t let another opportunity pass you by!

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For those wondering about my followup lab work mentioned in an earlier blog, it came back normal. Good things is my blood is not polluted, bad thing, I am no closer to becoming a normal person.

Have a good evening and a good night….

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