Go North to Go South

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Well, Oregon was fun this year. We saw lots of family and friends, and as always never really see enough of anyone. The second half of the summer, was too smokey to really enjoy. No matter where  we were, fires would be sure to follow. In the end, we went to Salem to see Dad, Sunshine, and Athena’s mother, and my doctor.

This area burned many years ago, It seems to be taking a few millennium to come back, but it will.


Fire burning on hwy 22

We took this photo on hwy 22 on our way to Rickreall. This fire is actively making smoke. It rather pretty considering how destructive it is. Darn thing also caused traffic hangups. With that comes a drivers who lose their patience. One such driver passed us while honking. We later saw his car upside down on the side of the road missing the part that was his car. Poor guy never got where he was going. He would have been better off turning on the radio and hanging out a while.


From Rickreall, we had a great visit with Dad, Zella, Randy, Bernadette and Athena’s Mom. It was wonderful to see them, it is sad they can’t all come with us as we miss them.

Sunshine and family accompanied us to Ikea for breakfast. One of the best food values in the city of Portland. We then went to Rooster Rock, then sat in the grass by the boat ramp for a time to visit. When we were done visiting we were looking upriver and saw a plume of smoke arise over a ridge. It rose so fast, I thought it was and explosion of some kind from either a building or an ill fated air craft.  Later on we heard it was a kid playing with fireworks. I feel sad for the kid, his family, everyone he injured in so many ways, and those who had to deal with the fire. We need to remember all these people in our prayers. This fire has displaced and destroyed more infrastructure than any fire I have heard of. I fear the kid will need to be in the witness protection program.

I got my labs done, had a good chat with my Dr. to deal with traveling.  Told him we would be heading to the islands off the Olympic coast, then to Northern Idaho, Spanish Fork Ut,  the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and finally on to Arizona to meet our new grand daughter Sophia. He wrote my lab orders and prescriptions for me to use as we make the trip.

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