Moab’s a bust on to Albuquerque, NM

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We left Steve’s house and headed out Hwy 6 to Moab, took on $170 fuel on Hwy 70 in Green Valley. I was exhausted and wanted to put in for the night at Green Valley State Park, but they did not answer the phone.

So we thought we would camp in Moab in the BLM spaces which are free, and she would still get to see Arches. When we go to Moab, they were having a PRIDE rally, and the city was full. The BLM camping was off limits as well, as a major rain came in and turned everything to mud! I could not keep my promise to Athena of getting her to Arches, We headed on until we got to Mesa Verde National park, but we could not get in there either. We found a truck stop and spent the night. It was a happy mix of three RV’s and about a hundred trucks. I slept really hard until about 5am then I shook Athena out of bed. I decided our oath was “Onward Christian Soldiers”  there is work to be done! We were going to fuel up, but the internet was down city wide and they did not take Credit cards.  So we mounted up and got on US 491 destined for Gallup New Mexico!  Giddy-up!


We slowly pull a hill on a scenic area of hwy 6


Now on US 491 we see a ghost rock.


This section of road by shiprock did a lot of damage to our rig. There are invisible short roller coaster bumps. No signage! We hit the first one, we heard a loud pop, thought is was the windshield, but saw no chips or cracks. I go on the brakes hard, but the car and RV bottomed out a few more times. When we got to our destination, we found the windshield was cracked, the slide out floor crumbled, and a pin was missing rendering it useless. The front end of the car has to be looked at, it no longer drives straight, it now drives like I walk! The windshield has to be dealt with by insurance, it is too big for Athena and I to manhandle. Without a shop, I can’t deal with the car, so we will have to find an alignment shop.


This rock looks like a giant zit! I will name it acne point. Just don’t be in the area when it pops.

We took on $160 fuel at the flying J in West Gallup. The fueling are was difficult, and we were visited by a pan handler. He said he had to be in Atlanta in 19 hours, needed gas and cash. I had no cash so I offered to fill his tank, but it was full. I saw several others give him quite a bit of cash. It looks like a viable career, but it takes away from those who are really in need.



We pulled into the Dancing Eagle Casino, a deal at $10 a night includes 50A unlimited power, sewer, and water. Managed by some of the nicest people one could ever hope to run into.


Then lightning came and did a spectacular show for us!


We thought the storm was done. Silly us. We were lulled to sleep by God’s rather loud show. What a wonderful day.

After getting the slide working we took a drive, turned left out of the park instead of right. Athena got to see and arch!


Headed home to the Dancing Eagle



Good evening and good night… Next stop, the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, one of three items left on my bucket list!

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