On to Quartzsite to See the Kids and Our Grand Daughter Sophia

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This is the last night of the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. I had had enough of the festival and just sent Sarah and Athena. I would need my energy to drive the RV to the Dancing Eagle in the morning.

The balloon festival ended with a bang.

Sarah’s balloon got a little high, which is why she got this cool picture of the moon. It looks a lot like a folded Mission brand tortilla. Sure makes me hungry.

We arrive in Lake Pleasant, got a nice boon docking space by the water.

We got a chance to see Mark and Sue. They are selling their RV, it is a 40′ Gasoline powered Winnebago Adventurer. I think they want $45,000 for it. The RV is in Meticulous condition. Mark, is really good about caring for his things. If I needed a new rig, I would buy it off him. Send an email to manichighwayman@gmail.com. I will forward it to Mark.

We can see our rig now and show you lake Pleasant. It cost $12.00 a night to camp here, only offers trash service and the stay is limited to 14 days. Since there is no fresh water to be had anywhere around here, we would only be able to stay nine nights.

Desert Sun RV class came by to replace our windshield. Right now, we can see out really well, and the new air conditioning system is quite welcome. Todd from Desert Sun RV Glass could not buy into the idea that a highway in New Mexico could be so rough that the windshield would crack. I am a believer, I was there when the thing cracked! He insists we do less Baja style boondocking, and told us never go up steep sloped at an angle, just straight on as the frame will twist and force the trim board above the chrome track through the windshield. He also noted that the rig is on its third windshield and the last one was installed wrong. We have no idea about the previous windshields, we know this one is the first one to go out on us in the five years we owned the rig. Yes, we boondock, but I am a bloody chicken and stay on flat ground with no more slopes that one would find on the highway. Hopefully, the flat desert is not all that bad on the rig. I would rather sell it than live in the standard RV park where one is packed in awning to awning and nose to butt.

Took two men to lift the glass into place.

They glued in the new windshield, then cleaned it up with Costco glass cleaner. The window never looked so good. They got the job done in about an hour and it only came to $2,900.00 dollars. Usually this is a $4,000.00 job. I hope it never breaks again, but if it does I hope Todd Coon Desert Sun RV Glass at 480-717-1025 will be here to do the job.

We arrive in Quartzsite, our home base for seeing Holly and family. Our spot is $180.00 for six months, they provide the parking spot, security, dumpsters, a place to get fresh water, and dump stations. Compared to $1,200 per month in the Phoenix area; where there are only about five parks in the region that take the under 55 adults, this place is perfect. It is 138 miles each way to Holly’s house, so we can afford to go once per month. Less if I keep having accidents though, leaving the truck stop up in Tonapah I forgot to put the key in the car that I used to open the fuel door on the rig. I left the car in park and drug it through the fuel island. Fortunately, the squealing tires alerted us to the fact that something was wrong with someone’s rig. The janitor alerted us to the fact that the poor sap with issues was me. Athena really does need to drive more. When I took the car out of park, it let out a pop that was so loud that people probably feared St. Helens was at it again. It was just me making a little noise.

I got caught taking her picture. I just love that smile! Aint she great?!

Sarah drew a cool pattern.

Sarah found a scorpion our first night here.

Took a trip to Havasu City, and were passed by a jeep caravan. Hope the RV person remembers to take his Jeep out of park when he fuels up.

We stopped and watched skiing people on the Colorado River.

I took Sophia to Smash burger with me. She is such a nice sweet kid. Always smiling, always quiet except when she needs stuff put in, or stuff removed from the lower section. She is so awesome, she did not even steal my fries!

Today was a pretty good day. Holly started her new job in a snazzy new office building, and John quit his job to stay home with Sophia. Holly will miss Sophia, so we shall see how they do with their new arrangement.


Have a good evening and a good night….

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