SandPoint Idaho

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We left Chehalis, and headed for Sand point Idaho. We had to drive north to Seattle then through Auburn to catch I-90. We had to go the northern road because the Eagle Creek Fire in Oregon shut interstate 84 down, SR 14 in Washington, and closed Highway 12 to Yakima to big rigs such as ours. This made route planning easy. The road over the pass on I 90 was beat up really bad. The interior wall between the bedroom and the bathroom separated from the floor along the way. We could not make the drive in a day, so we slept in the rv parking lot at Cabella’s in Post Falls, Idaho. We really appreciate Cabella’s for offering this free service. As such, one needs to wear their branded apparel when they can. We also noticed fuel was 30 cents a gallon cheaper in Idaho than Washington. Since we have a 100 gallon tank, this is a big deal. Get a few miles off the interstate, and you save another 15 cents. Since we had to go up hwy 95 to Sand point, we did just that.  The trip to Sandpoint was easy. When we turned to go to Mike’s house which is several miles north of SandPoint the drive was more interesting, the road was paved, narrow, and had lots of blind turns with locals who did not seem to expect rigs of our size. His driveway was steep and tree lined. Mike cleared the low hanging branches and made us a really nice place to park.

We did not photograph Mike’s house, he needed more time to unpack and organize. With three inventory based businesses, unpacking is a big job for one couple. Instead we have chosen to show how beautiful the area is where they now live. If you think that snow might be the name of the game in the winter, you are right. Mike and Nikki say this is a mild climate where the temperatures rarely fall below 20 Fahrenheit, but can go to 20 below. Maybe this is mild in Sweden where they are from, but it is considered harsh to the rest of us. Harsh weather though creates the best scenery!


We went for a walk on the upper pack river a few miles from their house, it was September, so the river was down to a trickle. Makes it easier to walk on the river bottom.


They love their new home, and are a close family.


I told Mike I found Re-bar not to be very strong, it just bends under pressure.  So Mike showed me other wise.


Told him to walk out further, but he said we better not push our luck. He might take a quick trip down into the draw and join the kids below.


What a nice view of the mountain range. If your warm and well fed, this is God’s country – otherwise hell is a place on earth.


We stopped on the road to see the river some more. Then headed to my favorite city park in Spokane 2 hours away.


The Japanese Gardens are very cool, and rather photogenic, unlike me.


They are now waiting for Sarah to shoot some flowers.  Looking a little bored.


Mike try’s to fix the boredom. I thought he was a funny scary clown.


Nikki says these formal gardens are all over Europe and much larger there. I like this one, if it were any bigger, I would have sprained eyeballs!


We really enjoyed hanging with Mike, Nikki, and the kids. Kids are so much more photogenic than old men.


Thanks go to Mike and Nikki for their hospitality, meals, and to Mike for all the help getting the rig ready to roll again, we got the rig greased, changed the oil on the engine along with filters. We also did a complete maintenance on the generator. The car was having braking problems where the wheels would shimmy while braking, so Mike introduced is mechanic Joe. Joe thought the the bushings on the “A” arms were worn, so for 539.00 he replaced the ball joints, the “A” arms, and some other components. The car drives straighter, but the brakes are the same. We will do the rotors and linings next time we have some money. We also reattached the bedroom wall with “L” brackets.

We hate to leave, but the open road is calling. Have to be in Baker City by the 19th.


Hang in there Mike and Nikki; God willing, we shall return!


Good Evening and Good Night

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