Spanish Fork via Richland Oregon

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Making our way to Albuquerque we made a few more stops. We drove south from Sandpoint via the Tri-cities in Washington, caught I-84 East and slept at a rest area on Meacham pass. When we got up, the starting batteries were dead! Geico sent a wrecker our direction. Luckily, he was based at Meacham, just a few miles away. He was about the friendliest guy we have ever met in that business, and he got our rig started with a quick jump.  Since we tried to use a a battery charger in to charge the batteries off the generator we made his job easier. It takes 1180 DC amps to spin our engine.

Needless to say we were two hours late getting to Richland, Oregon. We ditched our rig at the truck corral in Baker City, and took the car to see Paul in Richland. We had a good 2 hour visit and headed back to Baker City. When we got back to our rig, Athena discovered she had forgotten her purse. She made supper while Sarah and I made the two hour round trip to Richland. We got to say hi to Paul again, retrieve the purse and get back in time for supper. Needless to say, we got out of Baker much later than planned, but we did see Paul on the 19th, just as we had promised. He says hi to all our family.

We took on full tank of fuel, at the Truck Corral and headed east. We got to the Rest Area just east of Boise, we put in for the night. Slept our ten hours and got on the road again, until we were low on fuel. We filled up in Jerome. We traveled from Sandpoint to Baker City on $100 worth of fuel, then put $170.00 worth in Jerome.

We dead-headed From Jerome to Spanish Fork, arrived safe, too wiped out to speak, and offended by the new price of the Canyonview RV park, Gone for $12 to $20, all it is, is a parking lot that they added water and electric to. So be it, at least we can see Steve.


We saw this guy eating someones garden on our way up to see Steve.


Steve’s house. Seth says they live on white privilege hill. This is more evidence that the school system is teaching more than reading writing and Aristmetic. I wish the schools would go back to their original mission.


Their view is incredible!


Little water feature in Canyonview park. Sarah shot this, I was too tired to go down there.


Views from our RV.

Once the fires are out, fall is awesome!


Lauren is riding horses, living every little girls dream and loving every minute of it.

Watching Steve’s family grow up, and their kids ability to enjoy putting up with me is fun. Steve an I had fun fixing a rental, his RV, and losing my car keys. The keys are really loss too, I was pretty sure I lost them in the seat of his truck, or Harbor freight in Provo, but we never found them. I also lost my John Deere hat at Red Robin! Sure hope my body parts don’t ever become detachable!

Steve and Mindie thank you for the red carpet treatment, good food and great company, we could ask for nothing more. Hopefully we will see you all in the spring. Now, we head to Moab, to see Arches National park.


Have a good evening and a good night….


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