Visit Mom’s New House on Harstine Island

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We arrived in the Chehalis Thousand Trails and stayed there for a couple of nights so we could drop in on Mom and Ron and see their new house.

First thing in the morning we go on the road to her house. It was about an hour and a half drive but some of the time we were parked as the DR. called. The blood results came back and the white cells have been growing at every test the last few years. He thought that might be why I have been getting infections all the time. He gave me a new lab order to retest in about and month. If the cells are still high, he is sending me to a hematologist. This could account for my walking issues, pain and other things. Maybe, we are getting somewhere finally, where a solution can be found. He also asked me to line out a physician in Arizona who can work with him over the winter.

The bridge, appears to indicate that we truly are traveling on to an island.


We have arrived onto Harstine Island


Old narrow beat up road heads through the rain forest to their home on the tip of the island.


Here we are, at the end of the public road. We are at Harstine Pointe


It one of them darn gate things! Now we have to hit keys until someone gets angry and lets us in.


I hit keys, the office answers, I tell them I am here to see Mom and Ron. The Office does not know who I am. Ron happened to be in there, and he showed them the paper that says they should let us in.  So they decided to open the darn gate.  We then picked Ron up and drove him home.


Nice diggs


Mom looks happy, that makes me happy.


They have a compass embossed into their floor. It was put in to correct, so its never wrong, and never will be. It’s not very portable though.


Looks like a party pad to me!


Has community garden


A real nice library


But only has bathrooms for family’s and men. Looks like the young maidens and old maids are out of luck.


Mom and Ron got a cool place and we had a real nice time picking up rocks on the beach. They took us to a nice lunch and let us feel useful by helping them pick out a new TV and haul it home for them.


Have a good evening and a good night

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