November 2017

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Going to Holly and John’s house we see this nuclear power plant, it is usually covered in steam. For some reason, the magic veil of steam vanished, and we could see what resides here. It is funny to see nuclear energy being generated in such a dry climate. Rumor has it the water source for this plan is supplied every time a Phoenix resident flushes the toilet. I have not seen this first hand however and cannot vouch for the solidity of the rumor. Maybe everyone protested indoor plumbing today?

Nuclear power keep computers running.

But not ours, we don’t have a way to plug into the grid. Instead, we rely on energy from the sun 860 watts worth which runs the lights, water pump, and the computers. Not enough solar for climate control. We get whatever climate God sends our way. We have a diesel generator for the time when God provides a climate that is outside of our specifications.

My computer is not doing so well, keeps presenting the blue screen of death. Athena determined my CPU fan was expired. I ordered a new one, they only take 8 weeks to get, they come from China on demand. (I think it is referred to as just in time delivery). I don’t my idea of just in time is the same as theirs. The blogs were put on hold until we could find a way to cool the CPU.

I tried to fix my laptop, the power port failed. I am not as sure with my hand as I used to be. I accidentally popped that little part of that is on Sarah’s finger. Now, I am sad, two dead, and I killed one. It is written, “Thou shalt not kill!” For me, I am now sentenced to a November of hard labor, as there is no computer to spare me the physical exertion. Athena was begging me to get the brakes on the car swapping. Doing those in the middle of the desert with no parts stores around; that was a trip!

I gave her sleek drilled and slotted racing rotors, metallic pads, and she rebuilt the calipers. We probably do a blog on that to save someone else the painful experience. In the end, the shimmy in the front end is gone, and we are calling the job a success.

We got some barrels and a macerator pump. The blue barrel is filled with wastewater 2x a week. The white barrel, not shown, is filled with clean water that we drink. This operation takes about four hours a week. Too bad trucks with sewer and water don’t come by. We would gladly pay to remove this chore.

This pumps all the crap out of the RV and puts in the car. We drive it about a mile and pour it all in a hole in the ground managed by the BLM. It really is a day’s work.

Athena’s mom and her sister Merlene took a 30-hour bus ride down here via Greyhound to see Sophia. The trip was hell, but they made it. Few things impressed me more than that kind of tenacity. When they recovered from the ride, I showed them how to look for rocks while not getting bit by scorpions or the many snakes we have around here.

We put them in a line up, and shot them for posterity.

Athena’s Mom, Sophia, and Holly are hanging out.

Sophia is mastering cute. There may be a cuteness rivalry between Holly and Sophia soon.

Little break on our way to LakeĀ Havasu City. Stopped and watched the boats. Had to go to Lowes to get plumbing parts.

Days do end.

Sarah get a Fresnel lens and builds a box with a 2 and 1 computer in it.

She builds a projector. I was hopping for a water boiler, but this is pretty neat.

I bought Athena some Ice cube trays off amazon since the solar can’t keep up with the ice maker. Can you spot the defect?

Sarah drew this on her computer and built the device to project it on the wall. Maybe she has hope as a budding engineer. How many hard-core engineers can actually draw. Maybe I’ll showcase my skills on the next blog.

Seraphina knows there is at least one turkey in the house and she wants her cut!

Susan is checking to see if emulating the dog will get her more turkey.

John and his dad were the master chefs.

Eric carves the turkey. That is always an act of bravery.

Deb is making sure everything passes final inspection.

Well, it’s another photo finish on one more thanksgiving. We missed you NANA, hope you get to feeling better.

We finally arrive back home in Quartzsite. They put out the holiday light while we were gone. Not sure what they are, but they are colorful.

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