More Family and Friends Come from afar -Thanks to Sophia

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In the last blog, we mentioned that we found a disconnected brake line on the car while installing the new drilled and slotted rotors. We said we would do a blog on that project, and we mean to do so. Frankly, I am too tired to do everything I set out to do, so it will happen when I get around to making it happen. The brief update on that project is as follows. After an alignment at Honda, the car drives like new, and smells much better after removing some sewage I accidentally put in the trunk, (a blog will come on that on as well.). Truly if the car had cushions in the seats, it would be like having a new car. Wish I had done the brakes two years ago. It was hard to spend the money with over 50 percent of the lining intact.  We have 200 miles on the new parts, and never have to think about them.


The Raymond family drops in for a visit.

Steve gets kidnapped by work! I used to spend all my off time talking to work over the phone. Brings back the good old days. I always felt good knowing my coworkers loved me.

Sophia is learning to drink


Wonder if she hears the whistle in the neck?

Time to get our Christmas Tree


Drove 95 Miles West one way to Lowes in a town 48 miles east of Phoenix. I used to know the name… Athena is cutting a piece of the stem to use as a coaster.


Our tree is up! I can go to bed now.

Sarah does the Moon Shot!

A day at the levy

Drove down to the levy, but the levy wasn’t dry


Could not drink whiskey and rye… but we found cotton, which makes us consider cotton gin


Not much here on the Colorado river other than a few old coots!


Colorado River is nice, but one afternoon will have to suffice!


Dad and Zella come to see Sophia


Zella plays dolls with Sophia


Whats up? The kid got your tongue?



Everyone is happy…


Field Trip to Mc Cormick Park – So close to Ruth’s Chris Steak House I could taste it

Sophia’s Mom and Dad, they temporarily adopted Sophia out


Oh! Yeah! I love trains. If I lived in Scottsdale, I would pester these guys until they let me in the club. I would show them my burning down the IRS headquarters gig.


A smart man always has a few women around to care for his ride. I wonder if the senators would be in trouble if they just had their interns washing cars??


This one goes out to a good friend in the Idaho panhandle.


Dang! they took us outside again. I want to play trains some more


It will not be long and Sophia will be doing the driving. I see it in her eyes.


Photo in a wire bulb. Looks like we are ditching the train park. Everyone exhausted. It was fun though.


Time to gather resources for Christmas Gifts


Down in the wash, out in the sand


Love the burl in this stone


Chief scout


No idea what this is supposed to be, but we will call it found art!


I found what I thought might be a meteor! I threw it to see if it was, but fell right back to the ground. Since it did not know how to fly, we tossed it aside.


She struck quartz and Jade. Since the jade was not in the form of Budda it was considered worthless and left behind.


Rabbit house. We have sidewinders here, sidewinders love rabbit as much as I like ribeye. Stay away from the rabbits! Bucks neighbor feeds the rabbit, Buck killed a sidewinder on his patio. He can use it for meat and leather. I will stay clear of rabbits.


Athena is going home! She seems to be in a hurry.


Something happened and the weather changed

When the mountains go away, we stay indoors. The sandblasting might be better than wrinkle cream, no one seemed to be brave enough to try it.


Bad weather is a good occasion to start making Christmas gifts from stuff we found


I used a whole package of hot glue and a full day’s time on this one.


50 LED lights can’t be wrong. Man, this one is purrty.


Our angels are so impressed with my Christmas ornament, they are weeping.


Well, it has been a fun week, we enjoyed Dad, Zella, Holly, John, Sophia, our Raymond friends, and a few new people living here in the wash.

If these blogs give you ideas, get them out of your head right now. Your ideas are probably dangerous if derived from this web site!


Have a good evening and a good night…. With sunsets like these, how can it be anything but good?

Genesis 32 – Jacob Becomes Israel


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